Things you should do at your sister wedding

What Should You Do At Your Siblings Marriage?

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Sometimes enemy, sometimes in the same team, sometimes complaining, sometimes crying with you, brother and sisters together for life. Someone truly describes this relationship well,”how old you become, when you are with your siblings, you revert back to childhood.” The relationship between siblings is a mischevious one but it blossoms with love. A brother might not show his feelings often but when his sister gets married, he showers all love to her and leave no stone unturned to make her big day a most memorable one.

Therefore, today we bring you some ideas to make the big day of your elder sister a memorable one and offering them a quintessential moment of the lifetime.

1) Get together with cousins

Ask all your cousins and live one of the most memorable times with them. Do loads of fun activities like dancing, singing, leg pulling and discuss about your childhood memories together. add cute little elements from their life into the decor like that cap she used to wear on birthdays and can also prepare the list of her favorite foods on the menu. So, that your brother/sister feel every bit pampered and loved before they start their new life.

2) Prepare a speech for them

Though siblings spend the whole of their life teasing each other and pulling each other’s legs all day long without any fail. But the wedding is a tough time for your brother/sister as things are going to change soon. Hence, prepare a speech including all your childhood memories, your secret codes and funny past instances and roll it into a heartfelt laughing.

3) Be with them

Whether it’s her mehendi ceremony or haldi one, your siblings need you more than anyone else. Hence, be with your sister, paint her yellow and ask her from time to time if she wants anything and always say that phrase aloud- ‘At your service Ma’am’or sir whenever you offer something.

4) Plan a pre-wedding photo shoot with your family

Give them a lifetime memory full of photos and videos of time spent together before the wedding. And personalize them and use those photos for your pre-wedding decor ceremonies.

5) Prepare a dance performance

Seeing you dancing and enjoying at their wedding is what they would love the most. Hence, prepare a heartwarming dance performance for them. And make them go aww with love. It’s okay if you shed a few tears..believe me, she will run to hug you.

6) Give them a memorable gift

Though the time you have spent with her is the most priceless possession she is going to take away with her but giving her something inexpensive but handmade will get her into tears. So, go for the out of the box idea which you holds a lot of importance to your sister.