Why youngsetrs fear social institution of marriage

Misconception About Marriage Then And Now…

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Marriage is one such sacred relationship on earth that binds two people for forever. No one really knows when they have started dreaming of marriage for the first time. Getting to spend an entire life with someone special excite us but is it the same case with today’s youngsters. Do they believe in the social institution of marriage as our parents/grandparents used to believe?

• It is worth mentioning that marriage is not always about bed full of roses, it has thorns too which means it’s not always about having good and happy times together, pains and fights are an avoidable part of marriage. But today, people have the misconception about institution of marriage. They consider it as a burden or a cage which suppress their wings to fly high. They like to be in a relationship when there are joyous moments but as soon as the pain arrives, they decide to end the commitment they once promised to stick to.

• Couples give futile reasons that fast-paced life, worries, troubles, office working hours make it difficult to sustain a healthy married life. It’s not the reality. The truth is many couples give up on their marriage only because they find it difficult to make some efforts to maintain the sacred relationship. They should always remember that the marriage of our grandparents and parents have their own problems and challenges to overcome but that doesn’t mean ending the relationship is the only solution.

• The modern-day couple devalues relationships. The stability, the loyalty, the commitment, the promise, the love, the care, a marriage demands is truly unacceptable to a couple. No wonder how mature they act in explaining their viewpoint or open-mindedness, the fact is they don’t know how to build a long-lasting marriage. It’s not the institution that is dying, it’s the perception of the youngsters that is evolving for the worst.

• In the modern era, people want everything perfect whether it’s a Bluetooth speaker, mobile phone or a life partner. The flaws, the imperfections, the annoying habits, the different mindset make it difficult for couples to undergo adjustments and compromise to live happily with each other. They tend to believe that these so-called imperfections or flaws that a person has drained them emotionally.

• It is noteworthy to mention that happy and fulfilling marriage demands patience. Lack of patience among today’s generation is another sole reason why they refrain from getting married or don’t believe spending a lifetime with the same person. Nowadays, people burn into flames instantly if someone commits a mistake and never give a thought whether the person is important or the mistake and ultimately prefer to end the relationship rather than working on self-patience.

• Responsibilities- Another aspect that drives an individual interest out from marriage. Though the past generation considers marriage a boon, a medium to uplift another person by helping them, present generation contemplate it as a responsibility that is difficult to fulfill. Today, no one wants to take full-fledged responsibility for anything whether it’s about earning bread, taking good care of kids or household chores.