Health hazards of tatoo

Health Risks Of Getting A Tattoo

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Though we know love for someone need to be shown through gestures-the way how you make them feel. Some people promise to let the moon and star fall in their loved one’s feet, some plan extravagant music night to express their love for that someone special while there are few others who consider to go the unconventional and unique way and decide to tattoo their skin to show the unconditional love they have for their sweetheart.

Though it’s a popular trend that has always been grasping the attention of youth and couples to ink their skin with their lover name initials, God/Goddess photographs, marvelous designs; inking your skin is associated with many health hazards that everyone must be aware of before they choose to prick their skin with equipment for getting a tattoo.

• Tattoo affect how your sweat

You would be amazed to know that the inked skin releases 50% less sweat in comparison to the non-inked skin. While you sweat, the skin reabsorbs sodium through perspiration but tattoo skin makes it hard for the skin to reabsorb it.

The release of sodium through sweat glands is more concentrated from the inked skin. Moreover, the tattooed skin struggles more to cool itself down and we all know, the release of sweat from the body is necessary to stay fit and healthy.

• Allergic reactions

Allergic reaction are common which are observed when you inked your skin using the sharp equipment. It can cause rashes, irritation, inflammation, scarring.

• High risk of bacterial infection

The needle which is used to make tattoo can cause bacterial infection which can leave permanent scars after getting treated.

• Cause other skin problems

Tattooing skin can give birth to other skin problems like granuloma and keloids which you surely wouldn’t want.

• Chances of Blood-borne disease

Love for a tattoo can give you some blood-borne diseases- hepatitis B, hepatitis C, MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) when the tattoo specialist used the equipment which is contaminated with the infectious blood of others.

• Unwanted MRI complications

The MRI done on the tattooed skin calls for burning sensation and swelling since the tattoo engraved on the skin contain a tiny amount of metal which when reacts with MRI procedure elevates the suffering and deteriorates the quality of the image.

It’s good to follow trends but not all the trends are good for you. Therefore, we advice all the people to say no to tattoos in order to prevent themselves from self-invited health risks that can lead them to incurable troubles.