Bouncy curls overnight

Easy Hacks To Get Curly Hair Overnight…

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Curly bouncy hair looks extremely good, but achieving those perfect wavy hair especially without styling products is quite difficult. Moreover, to get those curls and bounce can also be very time-consuming. Therefore, to make things easier for you we bring to you bedtime hack to wake up with bouncy curls in the mornings. Here’s what you just need to do…

How to get bouncy hair overnight

1) Paper Strips

To get those curls you just need to spray a little amount of water in your hair. Then take little strands of your hair and roll them around a piece of paper. Tie them with a rubber band and blowdry with a hairdryer. If you want your curls more strong and long-lasting, leave your hairs tied for overnight. And meet the new version of you.

2) Perfect Bun

Then part your hair from the middle, twist one part and pin it on the top of your hand. Repeat this process with the rest of your hair to make a perfect bun and keep it same till the morning. When you open them you get a wavy and bouncy hair to flaunt.

3) Soft Elastic headbands

With the use of soft elastic headbands, you can also get the desired result. Part your slightly damped hair at the top your head, just as if you were creating a high ponytail and start twisting them the way you want to and then put the headband for the night. In the morning, undo the ponytail and say hello to gorgeous you with a new curly hair look.

4) French braid

To get those wavy curls french braid is one of the easiest ways. Create a french braid in slightly damped hair and tie it with a soft hair tie. In the morning when you will undo the braid you’ll have perfect beach waves that are so pretty!

5) Hair rollers

If you’ve got some time on your hands before you hit the sack, you could give this method a big yes. All you just need to do is take each section of your damp hair and roll them up to your scalp with the help of rollers. Then with the use of tiktak pins secure each roller in place. And see the desired result in the mirror when you wake up.