Pre wedding rituals of Gujarati weddings

Pre-Wedding Rituals Of Gujaratis…

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Gujaratis are fun loving people. More than anything, they are extravagant especially, when it comes to their wedding. Hence, today in this article we are going to make you aware of all about pre-wedding customs and traditions of Gujarati weddings.

The Gujaratis are the only one whose enthusiasm and joy come any close to that of Punjabis and Sikhs. They have the energy for weddings just like they celebrate all their festivals and functions with lot of splendor, colors, dance and dazzling decor.The Gujarati weddings comprise of a grandeur and no matter how conservative these people are about money in general, when it comes to celebrations they swank like it’s nobody’s business.

Gujaratis weddings are versatile in itself because there are many sub-sects with an enormous number of rituals. We can say Gujarati wedding can be eminent from other Indian weddings because there are some typical differences. A Gujarati wedding comprises just four mangal pheras whereas there are seven pheras in most other Indian wedding traditions. Here, the four pheras signifies ‘Dharma, ‘Karma’, ‘Artha’ and ‘Moksha’, which are considered as four pillars of a successful marriage according to Gujarati culture and belief.

But before elaborating to wedding day rituals have a glance at all pre-wedding functions of Gujarati weddings.

Sagai Ceremony

Alike other Indian wedding traditions, Sagai ceremony is the first and formal ceremony where two families commit for a lifelong relationship. In this ritual, the bride has to visit with matli( a container which is filled with sweets and gifts) as a sign of good luck for her respective families. This is a short ceremony where the sweets and food are being served to the guest by both the families.

Mandap Muhurat

This is an old Hindu Gujarati ceremony which is performed at respective places of bride and groom. A priest is been called at the respective homes of the bride to be and groom to be and a small puja is performed to seek blessings from God for their upcoming life few days before the wedding.

Griha Shanti

In this ceremony, the small pooja is conducted by the priest with family where a Shubh Muhurat or perfect date and time for the wedding is decided according to zodiac signs of bride and groom.


Garba the famous and traditional Gujarati dance is performed by the family members and guests a night before the wedding. This ceremony gives chance for both the families to meet, greet and know each other well. Plenty of dance is done using hands and sticks hitting on each other.


Another and the important ritual is Pithi. Where the bride and groom family invites their close relatives and friends at their respective home or in the banquet hall. In this ritual, the thin paste of turmeric, sandalwood, and curd is applied on the body of bride and groom by all the women’s of the family. It is to be said that this turmeric paste brings the healthy glow on the face of both bride and groom and wards off the evil powers from them.

Gujaratis are the wealthy people with the business mind and hence many marriages have their roots in business partnerships. But when it comes to bride feeling, she is given utmost importance, over any money or dowry. So these are the pre-wedding rituals of Gujarati weddings.

To know about more rituals and traditions occur in Gujarati weddings. Stay tuned with Mangalparinay.

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