Pre wedding rituals of Gujarati weddings

Pre-Wedding Rituals Of Gujaratis…

Gujaratis are fun loving people. More than anything, they are extravagant especially, when it comes to their wedding. Hence, today in this article we are going to make you aware of all about pre-wedding customs and traditions of Gujarati weddings. The Gujaratis are the only one whose enthusiasm and joy come any close to that of Punjabis and Sikhs. They have the energy for weddings … Continue reading Pre-Wedding Rituals Of Gujaratis…

Punjabi weddings

Pre-Wedding Rituals And Tradition Of Punjabi Weddings

Punjabis are very warm and fun loving people who are known for expressing their emotions with fondness and pleasure, same reflect in their wedding ceremonies. Punjabi weddings are a loud and extravagant affair where you see everyone enjoying to the fullest, dancing to the beats of the music showing amazing dance steps, million dollar smiles on everyone’s face and melodious sound of laughter, and people … Continue reading Pre-Wedding Rituals And Tradition Of Punjabi Weddings


Significant Pre-Wedding Rituals Of Maharashtrian Wedding

Unlike other weddings, Maharashtrian weddings are simple yet an ethnic affair. They are comprised of distinctive wedding rituals and traditions in accordance with religious belief which depicts the vibrant culture of Maharashtra. Marathi wedding is too filled with pomp, fun, and excitement that spice up the whole wedding ceremony like other state weddings. Read out the pre-wedding rituals and traditions that are being followed in … Continue reading Significant Pre-Wedding Rituals Of Maharashtrian Wedding