mistakes indian wedding guests should avoid

Mistakes Wedding Guests Should Avoid

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Undoubtedly, the bride, the groom, their family members and closed ones pay attention to all the little details to make the wedding ceremony exemplary and memorable. But do you know it’s not only the task of bride, bridegroom and their family members to refrain themselves from committing mistakes on the wedding day, it’s also a responsibility of invited guests to not do something which can end up ruining their special day?

As it is quite obvious that you don’t want to be remembered for all the wrong reasons when someone talks about the wedding day, therefore, we have come up with a few mistakes which every guest should avoid doing at the wedding.

• Don’t show up early or late

How would it be like you reach so early that even hosts are in their pajamas? Whereas showing up early can stress hosts if they are not ready, on the other hand, reaching late at the wedding venue and rushing inside asking- oh! did we miss it? Will make you feel sadden. So, arrive at the wedding venue on time.

• Don’t Share the task of wedding photographer

Every couple hires a professional wedding photographer to capture their treasurable moments from the wedding. But many guests try to share the responsibilities of a wedding photographer without even thinking that not only it results in distracting the photographer but also ruin the special moment of a couple when they stand tall holding their phones with the camera mode on.

• Don’t upload wedding photographs without permission

In the era of social media where everyone is too impatient to upload everything at the moment, it occurs or happens, restrict yourself from uploading the wedding photographs of the couple at various social media platforms without their permission. They may have opted for some unconventional idea or way of making the news public and your over-excitement can end up spoiling their whole planning in a second.

• Don’t be over-decked

Whether it’s the bride’s bridesmaid or you belong to the groom’s gang, don’t try to steal the spotlight away from the couple. You might have attended many weddings where you ask your neighbor who the bride is? Or is he the groom? Don’t let others ask this question.

Though we understand that you want to look your the best at your best friend’s wedding day but don’t be too over decked that even the bride compels to question herself- did I need to invite her? Save your dapper look for your own wedding. Be presentable while staying away from the limelight.

• Don’t ask unnecessary questions

The Guests have the irksome habit of asking irrelevant questions like from where did you purchase your wedding attire? How you both met? Is it an arrange setup or a love marriage? How much have you spent on wedding decors and so on and on
Don’t wear the crown of those annoying aunty-jis who have stupid questions to ask whenever they meet.

• Don’t get too high

Getting too high/drunk and creating a scene by indulging in a fight with caterers or showing disgraceful steps at the dance floor snatch away the happiness from the faces of bride and bridegrooms. Don’t get too drunk that you end up spoiling their big d-day.

• Don’t criticize

Whether it’s about decor, wedding venue, food menu, makeup, wedding attire, no one can deny that guests give sarcastic comments/feedback that offends the host. You can’t even imagine how much stress or everything they face to make the wedding ceremony pleasurable. Don’t criticize! Always remember its better to stay quiet until you don’t have nice words to say.