natural ways to avoid pregnancy

Home Remedies To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

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No one can understand the stress a woman goes through when she gets to know that the preventive measure which she took to prevent pregnancy while consummating failed miserably. Moreover, there is a tribe of women who hesitate to take contraceptive pills because of the side effects it posses.

Pregnancy is a big decision which demands the proper attention and planning of a couple before they opt to become soon-to-be parents and an unwanted pregnancy is not less than a shock for them. So, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy naturally and enjoy an intercourse fearlessly, follow the effective home remedies mentioned below.

• Dried fig

Having 2-3 dried figs every day after you have an unprotected sex is one of the best remedies which will help you to prevent pregnancy effectively. Follow the remedy until you get periods.

• Dried Apricot

For birth control, dried apricot comes to your rescue. Consume the mixture of 100gm of dried apricot, 2 tablespoons of honey and a cup of water after boiling it for around half an hour.

• Papaya

To prevent implantation of a fetus inside the female reproductive organ, eat papaya two times a day daily.

• Cinnamon

The way to avoid pregnancy also includes the use of cinnamon in your diet. Soak cinnamon sticks in water overnight, sieve the water and drink it daily until the periods start again.

• Turmeric

Gulping down the teaspoon of turmeric with water for several days after an unsafe sex proves to be the best home remedy to kill the chances of pregnancy.

• Carrot seeds

The most popular traditional home remedy used by women from the ancient time still shows positive results if you don’t want to conceive. Have 1 teaspoon fine powder of carrot seeds along with water. You must drink excess water so that this remedy gives result in your favor.

• Vitamin C

Including the consumption of 1500mg of vitamin C after unprotected intercourse helps a woman to trigger birth control.

• Parsley

In order to control childbirth, drinking a cup of tea prepared from dried parsley leaves is beneficial.

• Asafoetida

Commonly known as hing, Asafoetida is also taken to prevent the chances of getting pregnant. Take it with water until you start to bleed.

• Cotton root bark

Drink the concoction made from mixing dried root of kapass in hot water for birth control.

Important Note: we, at Mangal Parinay, are not in a favor to take any actions to avoid pregnancy unless it’s a couple decision. And it’s worth to mention that if your pregnancy report is positive, refrain yourself from following these remedies.