Traits a son-in-law should have

Must Have Qualities To Impress Your To Be Father In Law

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Though marriage considered as the most nerve wrecking phase for a girl but do you know the same would happen with a boy when his dream girl asks ” Are you ready to meet my parents?” The question that really make a boy nervous and tensed but still he has to say yeah! of course, sweetheart. Hence, to help every guy to impress their to-be father in law in first meeting, team mangal parinay decided to tell you some amazing ways to impress your would be father in law and make him say yes to give his daughter’s hand.

1) Perfect match- Every girl is a princess of her Dad and so tend to never grow up in her father’s eyes. To find a perfect match for her is a dream of every father and hence he always wants his beloved daughter to get married to someone whom he finds a perfect for his daughter. Therefore, to impress your girl father you need to prove yourself in his eyes that you are a perfect compatible match for her.

2) Unconditional love- Indeed it’s true no can love a daughter more than his father. Still, his father always want to make sure before handing his piece of heart to someone that his to-be-son in law loves his daughter wholeheartedly. He should be loving and caring in situations needed. The love should be unconditional, the care should be unmatchable. So, let her father believe that you will love her the way he does. You will always try your best to make her smile always and always take care of them like your own son or daughter do.

3) Good looking- It’s a fact the first impression is the last impression. And every father wants a prince charming for her princess. Though it’s not necessary you should look like Hrithik Roshan but you should be attractive enough. You should be brave and courageous and also mentally strong, smart and well educated. Possess life skills that might be brought up by his parents like honesty, punctuality, discipline and hardworking.

4) Good sense of humor and the ability to handle conflicts- You should have a good sense of humor and ability to handle conflicts. You should be more respectful than criticising. You will always be there with her to handle her mood swings and be with her in good and bad times.

5) Futuristic approach-A father wants a boy for his loving daughter who lives in present as well as future. A boy who should have a good futuristic approach. He should be a good financial planner and have enough capacity to be healthy as needed. In times of problem if he is busy to be handy at least he should be able to sympathize and support.

6) Commitment- Every father want to know that their to be son-in-law able to take the marriage responsibility seriously. Hence, make her father beleive that you are ready to take the responsibility of their daughter with full commitment. Marriage is not merely as the next step in your relationship, but your are ready to make a commitment with her for long life. You are ready to love and to cherish her in hard and good times both. Ensure your would be father in law that you both will stay together till death apart us.