Things when you feel in love

This Is How You Feel When You Fall In Love

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Are you going to propose someone to marry you but are confused whether you’re in love or it’s a mere attraction?

Have you started having feelings for someone but want to confirm is it love?

Do you see yourself smiling for no reasons when you think about him and trying to figure what to call this emotion?

If questions like this are troubling you from last few days, we are here to help you to know what diseases are you suffering from? Guys! This is call love. Even if you don’t believe it, read the article to know the symptoms of love diseases and double check your feelings.

• You always find yourself dreaming about him/her whenever you get a spare moment.

• That person never leaves your mind no matter how much occupied are you with your work.

• We all know, people in love tend to sacrifice their happiness to see that heartfelt the smile on their face. When you prioritize their happiness upon yours is a sign that will help you to know you love them selflessly.

• One of the inherent quality of being in love is you find yourself speaking sweet words to/for him. It is worth to mention that you never badmouth the person whom you love.

• A little jealousy is a healthy sign of love. We, as a human has that natural urge to protect what’s ours. When you love a person, the growing interaction of others with that person impel you to feel the emotion of jealousy.

• When a person starts to hold that special place in your heart and life without any effort implies you have feelings for that someone special. They will always have your back, time, attention, feelings, care, concern without a fight.

• A person in love tries hard to make his/her loved one dream into a reality. When we’re in love, we want to see our partners elevating higher and higher and we put our best foot forward to help them, assist them, encourage them, motivate them and support them.

• When a person becomes an inevitable part of your future is also a sign that you love him/her. You want your family, friends and important people to like him and praise your choice.

• When you love someone, you look out for the ways to spend more meaningful and memorable time with him/her. You ten to share all your day happenings with that someone and desire to get involved in his/her life.

• You fall sick when you don’t get to hear from him whether he/she has reached safe, taken his/her meal, or doing good or not.

• It is said when your suffering doesn’t affect you but their mere pain can give tears in your eyes is a symptom of love. When you love someone, his/her pain make you more worried and all you wish to have a magic wand to eliminate sadness from their life completely.