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Beauty Care Regime For A Bride Prior To The Wedding

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We all know that walking down the aisle while looking her absolute best is not less than a challenge for the bride. Though a bride has already hired a professional makeup artist, a skilled hairstylist, there are some simple and effective ways that a bride should follow at home, in spite of those regular visits to the parlor to get that healthy and shiny beauty to flatten her groom-to-be.

Beauty care regime for a bride prior to the wedding:

• No wonder, as a bride, you are the cynosure of all eyes and are surrounded by everyone all the time for laughter, dancing, singing, teasing but make sure to get enough time for beauty sleep.

• However, it’s not shining outside, still, you need to apply a good amount of sunscreen to prevent your skin from tanning.

• Applying sunscreen also help to avert skin damage caused by harmful UVA and UVB rays.

• Refrain yourself from coating the face with a heavy layer of makeup as it doesn’t provide enough room for your skin to breathe.

• Go for minimalistic and non-greasy makeup to look your absolute best on the wedding day.

• Make sure to cleanse your face with antibacterial face wash regularly before dozing off to bed.

• Exfoliate, moisturize and get rid of unwanted pimples, acne, blackheads (if any) with natural face packs.

• Wearing artificial jewelry should be strictly prohibited as it causes breakouts or skin infection.

• Though it’s tempting to use hair products like gel or sprays for good hair care, it is better to stick to nourish your hair by applying aloe vera gel, coconut oil, amla etc.

• As a bride, you should not opt for hair rebonding, straightening prior to the wedding since there are chances that you may end up feeling miserable with end results.

• Ensure to wash your hair twice/thrice a week to clean your scalp from dirt, grime, and excess oil.

• Experimenting with the new products (skin/face/hair) should be completely avoided before your big day as it may cause skin/hair problems, which you surely not want.

• Drink 3 liters of water, fluids, juices to moisturize your skin inside out. Having a healthy diet should be in your priority.

• Pamper yourself by keeping you cool and staying happy all the time. However, confronting a little anxiety is common but find more suitable reasons to feel cheerful.