Benefits of chanting Gayatri Mantra

Benefits Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra

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Mentioned in Rig Veda, chanting Gayatri mantra is an inevitable part of Hindu traditions and is considered very beneficial for the welfare of mankind. Although the majority of the people would know the miraculous Gayatri Mantra, they are not aware of the benefits of reciting this powerful mantra. Hence, read the complete article at mangal parinay to know its benefit and pledge yourself to recite the Gayatri mantra to bring positivity, good health, prosperity and happiness in your life.

Before scrolling down to know the effect of Gayatri Mantra on health, read the Mantra.

“Om-bhurr-bhuva-swaah tat-sa-vitur-varennyum
Bhargo-devasya-dhimahi dhiyo-yo-na pra-cho-dayaat!”

Merits of reciting Gayatri Mantra for mankind:

• Calms the mind

The chanting of Gayatri Mantra releases the feel-good hormone, serotonin which helps a person to calm the mind and find peace.

• Improves Immunity

The enunciation of the mantra leaves a positive impact on the hypothalamus gland which monitors many bodily functions including the immunity. And the stronger the immunity, the healthier you will be.

• For a healthy heart

As we know that chanting of Gayatri mantra improves breathing, the synchronization of breathing and heartbeat keeps our heart healthy.

• Keep you disease-free

The vibration produced by reciting miraculous Gayatri mantra stimulates the seven chakras (extrasensory energy points) of your body by aligning them with lymph nodes and organs of the body. Thus, helps you to live a disease-free life.

• Increase Concentration

Another great benefit that the Gayatri mantra provides is the enhancement of learning ability and concentration. It is believed that reciting the pious Gayatri mantra activates the three chakras (eye chakra, crown chakra, and throat chakra) which sharpen the memory and focus of the chanter.

• Better Breathing

The vibration caused by regular chanting of Gayatri mantra in a right manner boost up the functioning of lungs and helps to breathe deep.

• Ameliorate nerve function

The Gayatri mantra works wonder to ameliorate the functioning of various nerves in the body by releasing neurotransmitters rightly.

• Reduce Depression

The chanting or reciting of Gayatri mantra helps people to keep depression at its bay. The enunciation of the mantra also stimulates the vagus nerve and penial body that helps people to fight depression and release endomorphin respectively.

• For glowing skin

The recitation of mantra stimulates vital points of the skin which tends to increase blood circulation and helps to get rid of toxins thus providing a younger, rejuvenating and glowing skin.

• For prosperity

According to Hindu legends, the chanting of the Gayatri mantra not only calms the mind and bring positivity in your life but it also provides wealth, food, shelter, and prosperity in life.

• For happy marriage

To ensure a happy married life, the couple must chant the Gayatri mantra to reap its benefit. The recitation of Gayatri mantra allows a couple to alter the ill effects of planets (wrong positioning of planets in your kundli).