Things a man should not do after wedding

Things A Man Should Not Do After Getting Hitched

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A girl leaves the comfort of her own home to embrace a new family after marriage. All she expects her man to love her a lot.

So, every man should be responsible for the happiness of their wife. They should make their wife feel like a Queen. Hence, for all the newlywed men out there, read the following things that you should not follow.

Do not compare your wife with your mother. Both are different and both will love you in their own unique ways.

Do not assume things, if you have something to ask – put it in words and ask her.

Do not take decisions on your own. know that you are married and you need a joint consent on every decision. Therefore, Jointly decide on matters of concern.

Do not think finance is your department and Kitchen is hers. There is no isolation in operations here. Involving her in all the matters of the home is highly necessary (transparency) even if she is a housewife. Also, you can cook for her on a Sunday.

Do not sit back and think she will know it all or worse she will adjust. Discuss your future with her, your plans and how will life shape with both of you together.

Do not think of yourself greater than her.

Do not think she is nothing without a man in her life.

Do not place your happiness over hers, remember it’s not “I” anymore it’s about “Us” after you tie nuptial knots.

Do not forget to hold her hand in a crowded place – she feels secure.

Do not forget her birthday and anniversary – she feels loved.

Do not forget to share romantic texts with her.

Do not stop her when she wants to have a girls night out.

Do not demean her family or friends, all were an important part of her life much before you came.

Do not sleep over an argument, or with an angry mood. ensure you end that argument with a discussion and sleep without a Grudge.

Do not forget to KISS her at every chance, make her feel that she is the most important person of your life – and yes, a kiss works more than saying an I LOVE YOU a billion times.

Don’t be controlling, be interested. There’s a huge difference in wanting to know what your wife is doing and telling her what she is allowed to do. Suggestions are fine. Demands are not.

Do not force yourself on her, respect the fact that she can have a headache too or maybe she is just not in a mood to do it.

Never let your professional life affect your relationship with your wife.

Don’t avoid talking about important issues like careers, children, housing, insurance, health issues, etc. Delaying these conversations will only lead to stress, confusion, chaos, and resentment.

Lastly, do not forget to give selflessly. Be it your Love or your Credit Card.

Keep your wife happy and she will keep everyone else happy.