Tips That Make Your Waxing Experience Less Traumatic

Tips That Make Your Waxing Experience Less Traumatic

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Everyone will agree on the fact that a waxing hurt worse than the breakup. Obviously! The pain during waxing tops the list.

Although, the pain while waxing seems to be unavoidable but you can make it less painful. How? Read the article to know the effective ways to make the waxing session less painful.

No matter you are waxing your arms, legs, and other body parts from few years, we are sure you are unaware of the few tips that can make your waxing experience less traumatic. This article will also help people who are going to wax for the first time in their life.

• Avoid coffee/tea/alcohol before you wax

The sipping of coffee/tea makes your skin more sensitive to pain. On the other hand, the drinking of alcohol pre-wax session tends to dry your skin which results in feeling more pain.

• Abstain the session when you are on periods

It is those days of the month when you already enduring pain. Therefore, waxing during the periods will make you more prone to sense the pain. Going before or after the period will be the best time chosen for waxing.

• Exfoliate

Scrubbing and exfoliating your skin will help you to remove dead skin cells from the hair follicles thus providing you relief from intolerable pain that tends to happen when you undergo waxing.

• Take Shower

Yes, folks! It’s true that taking shower before waxing softens your hairs which will ensure a quick and smooth waxing experience.

• Keep yourself hydrated

To undergo less pain, it is essential to keep your body hydrated not only from inside but from outside as well. And for this, apply a good moisturizer to make your skin plump.

• Apply a numbness cream

To remove your hair completely without observing any pain, applying a numbness cream 30 minutes before you opt to wax will prove to be beneficial for you.

• Have painkiller

If you’re way too scared to encounter pain during waxing, having a painkiller 20-25 minutes before waxing will be your true companion.

• Let your hair grow properly

To minimize the pain, wait until your hair grows an inch since too short hair is hard to pull from the roots and cause more pain.

• Let the wax cool down

To lower the pain you perceive during the waxing session, never be in a hurry. let your wax cool down a bit before you apply it on your hands and other areas.

• smaller section, the less pain

Instead of applying the wax to the whole hand, go for smaller sections. Remember, applying the wax all at once will get dry on your hands and will give you unbearable pain.

• Avoid shaving

Once you start having waxing sessions, refrain yourself from shaving the ingrown hairs as shaving in between disturb the hair growth or make the process of waxing difficult.

• Distract

Distraction is an effective way to feel less pain. Divert your mind by listening to songs or engaging yourself in an interesting talk.

• Don’t wear tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes and using perfumes, deodorants post waxing session can irritate your skin.

• Use a good quality wax

Sometimes, the chemicals mixed in the wax cause pain. Therefore, ask the professional for smearing elastic wax with no chemicals.

• Cold compress

For the people having sensitive skin, cold compressor ensures that you won’t experience unavoidable pain during waxing. The application of cold compressor provides relief from burning sensation.