Side effects of contraceptive pills

Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills…

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Stepping into parenthood is the most remarkable and beautiful phase for a couple but only when you are mentally, emotionally and financially prepared for it. Many cases are heard when a woman unwillingly get pregnant. But, Sometimes, in order to avoid an unplanned pregnancy, a woman chooses to take oral contraceptive pills.

Though there are many advantages of having oral contraceptive pills, commonly known as ‘I Pill’; like it resolves painful and heavy periods, prevents acne and premenstrual syndrome but it is must to know for a couple, especially women that birth control pills have many side effects due to which oral contraceptive pills must be avoided or should be taken only after it is prescribed by a gynecologist after a detail discussion.

Following are the side effects of i-pill or oral contraceptive pills that you must aware of:

• Nausea

Many women experience nausea when they take a pill for the first time it is because their body needs time to adjust to new levels of required hormones (estrogen and progesterone). Remember to seek medical guidance if the problem persists for more than three months.

• Breast tenderness

If reports are to be believed, breast tenderness or enlargement is the side effect of birth control pills. Medical attention is required when you experience pain or lump in the breast even after several weeks. Cutting down the intake of salt and caffeine may also help.

• Mood swings

The birth control pills may cause the problem of depression, anxiety, insomnia, or other emotional changes in a woman. It is recommended to make an appointment with your provider if you experience emotional turmoil.

• Brown spots

Brown spots on the face or a condition called melasma is another disadvantage or drawback of using oral contraceptive pills that a woman may suffer from.

• Weight gain

According to a study, the oral contraceptive pills increase appetite that leads to weight gain and bloating due to water retention, especially, around the hips and breasts. The problem of bloating is generally seen in the women who have irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal tract infection.

• Headaches and migraines

Of the major symptom or drawback of having oral contraceptive pills is it increases the chance of migraines and headaches because of the presence of hormones. Visit your doctor if you are observing severe headache only after you start pill course.

• Blood clotting

Women can observe blood clot when they start to take the pill but it is mandatory to seek medical advice to be safe.

• Vaginal discharge

When you take the pills, increase or decrease in vaginal discharged can be noticed but in case, you examine change in color or odor, it could be a sign of an infection. So, head straight to your medical advisor.

• Missed period

The other disadvantage of taking oral contraceptive pills that must not be neglected is a missed period. It is essential to take medical advice as it is unusual that a period is missed or very light while having pills.

• Eye problem

Though there is not any higher risk of eye disease, the hormonal changes due to birth control pills thicken the cornea of the eye.