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Most Common Reasons Of Acne Breakouts…

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Having a flawless skin is a dream of every woman but there are those tiny spots on the face like acne and pimples that force a woman to turn and toss on the bed thinking why they break out? Today, at mangal parinay, we are going to throw some light on the reasons behind acne formation that compels a woman to give away the tag of a beautiful woman having no marks on the face.

Thus we all know that a simple spot occurred on the skin can snatch away the limelight from a woman but the truth is there are many reasons on avoiding which you can have a spotless skin to be proud of. So, check out the article to know what are the reasons that cause acne and pimples and make a woman feel embarrassed.

Moreover, it is essential for a bride to pay attention to the reason stated in the article in order to flaunt that gorgeous and flawless skin on the wedding day.

• Pollution

Nowadays, pollution is a major cause of acne breakouts. The impurities, smog, harmful chemicals, toxins present in the air harms your skin. The dirt and dust clog pores and form acne. Wash your face thoroughly 2-3 times a day to keep the pollutants away from your skin.

• Stress

Research has shown that stress and acne have a direct connection. When you’re stressed for prolonged time, your body produces more sebum which clogs pores and forms pimples and acne. Make sure you do exercises, yoga, and meditation to control stress releasing hormone.

• Hormones

Sometimes, it the imbalance of hormones in the body that flares up acne on the skin. In women, variation in hormone secretion during pregnancy and menstruation triggers acne and pimples.

• Eating habits

It is known that eating habits play a significant role in the development of acne. The quality of the food you eat affects your skin. Try skipping junk, oily and spicy food as they result in breakouts and indulge in a healthy diet rich in vitamin A, D, and E to get rid of acne and pimples.

• Makeup

Everyone says that it is important to clean your face before going to bed but have you ever wondered why? The reason is that the cosmetic products fill up your pores, mix up with dead skin cells and sebum and prevent your skin from breathing which leads to acne breakouts. So, it is advised that don’t overdo your face with makeup all the time.

• Workout

Though exercising daily is an important aspect to cherish a healthy lifestyle, you will be shocked to know that it may also cause acne. How? The yoga mats, the environment in which you exercise and the equipment you come in contact while the gym sessions are filled with bacteria and dirt which forms acne when mixed with sweat, body oils and impurities on the skin.

Drink at least 3 litres of water every day, wash your face with clean water, fill your plate with essential nutrients, make it a habit to remove makeup before sleeping and take bath after you do yoga and gym, keep the stress at its bay by occupying your mind in other activities and believe me, you are all set to rock your radiant flawless skin on the big day of your life.