Preventive Measures To Follow For Acne Breakouts…

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Are you panicking about pimples, acne or zits on your face? Undeniably, the occurrence of unwanted pimples and acne on the face is the most common problem which every one face once in a while. Sometimes, they pop due to heredity conditions. on the other hand, they occur due to the ignorance of certain factors such as having unhygienic eating habits, stress, using oil based products and so on. The reason may be whatsoever but the truth is it makes us feel embarrassed.

Since you’re fed up with acne breakouts now and then, it’s time to cool down as there are several useful tips that can help you to prevent the formation of acne.

So, dear readers, pay attention to the following tips if you have acne prone skin and want to reduce the acne breakouts.

• Wash your face

Wash the face regularly with warm water and a mild cleanser to remove dirt and impurities but not more than two times as over washing the face can aggravate acne.

• Avoid scrubbing

To prevent further breakouts, it is essential to scrub the face gently with a soft towel. Scrubbing the face harshly can worsen the acne.

• Maintain hair care regime

You may think that hair and acne has no direct connection but the oil produced in the scalp travel to the facial skin which blocks pores and forms acne. This is the reason you observe acne near the hairline. So, wash your hair regularly and avoid using excess gels, oils, and other products on hair.

• Refrain from greasy moisturizer

Moisturize the face and skin with an oil-free moisturizer or the moisturizer which is labeled “non-comedogenic” as these products help to reduce dryness.

• Never pop pimples

Abstain from popping pimples as this habit can cause scarring, infection, inflammation, and redness.

• Wash your hands to clear dirt

we all know that our hands contain germs, bacteria, and dirt. Therefore, refrain yourself from touching the face with hands because it may end up spreading the bacteria on the skin that can increase the problem of acne.

• No to oil-based makeup products

Opt for oil-free makeup products if you have acne prone skin and cleaning the makeup residue before you hit the bed is a must. Moreover, keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

• Prevent maximum sun exposure

To prevent the acne from emerging, limit your sun exposure because sun rays dehydrate the skin and compel it to produce more sebum that close pores leading to acne.

• Stop Dehydration

Dehydration signal the oil glands of the face and skin to release more oil and more oil secretion means more acne breakouts. So, fill your body with enough fluid to prevent acne and pimples.

• Avoid unhealthy food

To kick away the problem of acne, engross in the healthy diet which means no spicy, oily, fried and junk foods and no processed sugar products like soft drinks, hot beverages like coffee and tea.

• Evade stress

Hectic lifestyle increases the stress level in the person that not only deteriorates the health but also the beauty of the skin. So, release the stress to prevent pimples or zits by engaging your mind in certain hobbies and interests.

• Exercise

A regular exercise, yoga, meditation for 30 minutes helps to balance the hormones level and flush out toxins through sweat which else leads to the development of acne.