Things you should avoid saying to your husband

Things You Should Avoid Saying To Your Husband

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Marriage has its share of ups and downs and highs and lows which are crucial to overcome for a healthy married life. As a wife, you have all the rights to get disappointed with your husband but that doesn’t mean you speak those phrases or words in anger which end up breaking his soul. We all know that the spoken words can never be taken back, all they can do is make someone day or break someone heart. So, here we are to help all the wives who are in a habit of uttering hurtful phrases/words which create wounds that penetrate deep in their husband’s heart.  

No matter how frustrated, emotional and angry you are, avoid saying following things to your husband. Have a keen look at the article at Mangal Parinay. 

• How could you do this? 

Your husband admits the wrongdoings with you because he needs someone who can listen to him without judging him for his mistakes. When he shares whatever went wrong, all he needs a heart with compassion, love, and understanding to help him to overcome his guilt and how to make things right again and trust me, this phrase can melt bitterness in your relationship.

• What’s wrong with you man? 

Just because he forgets to buy a packet of grains or cheesecakes while returning home doesn’t give you permission to kill him with your attacking words-“what’s wrong with you man?” 

• I’ll do it myself! 

Although your husband is not an expert to do the things the same way as you he made an effort to share your workload. And saying these phrase can ruin his mood and will to help you next time. Appreciate that your dear husband kept his comfort zone aside to please you and what is all matters. 

• I don’t know, you decide!!

He is asking you because he values your opinions but your one phrase can upset him and trigger him to breed harsh feelings for you. Say opening what you feel and even if you are not sure what should be done, say- “according to me, doing things this/that way will help…”

• How it should be done

People have a different way of doing things. Instead of showing how it can be done, let him do it on his own. Just because a way worked for you doesn’t mean it will turn everything fruitful for him as well.

• It’s all your fault!!

A person can never be responsible for turning everything sour in your relationship. Blaming yourself or your partner won’t do any favor but communicating and clearing your misunderstanding can give you something worth rewarding. 

• Don’t talk to me!

Having a disagreement, quarrel, conflict or argument is common in marriage but if you ask your partner to stop talking with you, you are giving him reasons to drift away from you. 

• I need a divorce!!

Just because something went wrong, asking for a divorce from your partner can wring out the love from your marriage. Don’t utter the word until and unless you are left with no reasons to be happy.