Healthy Rules To Live A Successful Married Life...

Healthy Rules To Live A Successful Married Life…

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Who says sustaining through a married life is easy? Sharing the same roof with someone without having conflicts and arguments is truly impossible. Every couple fights; though the reason differs but fights are an inevitable part of any relationship. Sometimes, it makes your marital bond stronger and sometimes, it vaporize love from your marriage. Fighting is good until it is healthy otherwise it’s an alarming sign that you need to work on your marriage.

There are several reasons why a married couple fight. Today, we have prepared the list that creates the difference between a couple and effective solutions to avoid conflicts. Go through the article and don’t forget to leave a comment if you agree with us. And if you are a newly married couple, then do make sure that these reasons won’t make a ground for a fight in your married life.

• Intimacy

Intimacy is important for a healthy relationship. Sometimes, couples spend enough time alone under the same roof but that doesn’t mean they spend enough intimate time together that keep the spark alive in their marriage which makes the bottle ground for fight.

Understand the importance of showing love and affection in a relationship. Look out for the ways and reasons to get closer to your partner.

• Communication

The daily chores, children, job takes the front seat due to which a couple don’t get time to share what’s going in their respective lives. Their discussions shift to-what should be cook in dinner or which school should be opted for their kid’s admission, buy a gift for uncle’s birthday etc that drains out love from marriage.

Please Note: Communication is very crucial aspect of a relationship. Make ample time to communicate productively. If you are arguing over something, stop right now. Rather than fighting over an issue, share your ideas for solutions.

• Money

Money is undeniably is a root cause of many fights that happen between a couple. People come from different financial backgrounds and have different opinions about spending money that fuels up the discussion to quarrel.

To stay away from the unnecessary fight, discuss and decide who will take care of what expenses and how can the finances can be managed to save for future requirements.

• Household chores

Leaving the entire burden of managing household chores on one partner leads to conflicts that can even drift them apart.

Since you both are working, prepare a list of who will do what like who will do the laundry, who will cook, who will help the children to get ready, who will assist kids in completing their homework, who will clean the messy house and etc. Even if one of you is not working, don’t resist helping him/her. Believe it! It will make your bond more stronger than it is.

• Not giving enough attention

Both the person look out for the reasons as well excuses to stay together at the beginning of the relationship. But as the time passes, they mistook it as boundation that gives enough room for fighting.

Understand the emotional needs of your counterpart else it will melt more negativity in your relationship which becomes difficult to sort out as time passes.

• Personal space

Being clingy to your partner may drive his/her interest out of you. Having a same roof doesn’t give you validation to own your partner. Not giving enough personal space in marriage turns thing ugly between the partner giving them reason to brawl.

Never forget your partner has distinctive interests and hobbies to follow or friends to enjoy the significant time. Respect your spouse’s space and Don’t drag him/her into dispute every time because of this issue.