Tips for Indian Bride

Smart Tips For A Newlywed Bride…

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Leaving your parents house and moving into a new place with almost unknown people is also a definition of marriage and it’s a start of a lifelong adventure.

We all know how hard it is for a newlywed bride to leave her whole life and start a completely new journey, in a new place with new people. But it’s a must-have journey every woman has to take and lead by herself. Therefore, today we are going to tell you some of the simplest yet determining steps a bride should keep in mind after getting hitched. Steps a bride should keep in mind after getting hitched.


Though the wedding bells ringing around, may bring your parents to tears on sending their part of the heart to some other place, but they always wish for her good and comfortable life with her life partner. And it becomes a proud moment for them when they see their spoiled daughter carves herself according to her new family. Therefore you need to understand that your family has grown and so have your roles too. You’re expected to do household chores and successfully live up to everybody’s expectations, With little sacrifice and understanding you can make a huge difference and impress everyone with your little efforts.

Everyone is equally important

Marriage in India is not only a two-body-one-soul relationship but its a bond between two entire families. And everyone in your family is equally important. So, don’t only try to make your husband happy. His family is also important for him if you give love and care to everyone. He will also try to make your family happy and respects you a lot.

Take Advice

You have married a prince charming who has been brought up by a queen. Just like every other mom in the world, your husband is also very dearer to his mom and she is quite protective about her son. So, prove her that you well deserve him by making little gestures. Take her advice from time to time ask her about your husband’s favorite dish or learn her recipes as everyone loves the food made by their mom. Let her remind that you value her and love and respect her the way her son does.

Make him involve in your decisions

You are not anymore a ziddi daughter of your parents. And it’s not about you always now things get changed and you are a better half of your husband. That’s why you always need to discuss about every tiny detail with your husband whether it’s about asking to roam with your best friend. Without considering your husband’s take on it may affect your relationship.

Take the responsibilty

We all know you need time to keep in mind it’s your house too and it’s your responsibility to turn his house into your home. It’s not only about the decor and other things, it’s about making yourself comfortable in your new home and adjusts yourself according to your in-laws.

Never forget, what you do reflects your brought up and people pinpoint your parents. Marriage is not only the merging of two souls into one its about the whole family and now it’s your duty to perform all the roles well. No one is your enemy here, it’s just about a matter of understanding as you’re a newbie you need to win their trust with love and small gestures.

All the very best for your life’s new journey.