Unheard uses of beer

Unheard Uses Of Beer…

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Are you worried about those ugly stains on the curtain or that mark gave on your beautiful skin by the mosquito? Obviously! This is the reason you are here. So, today, we choose to resolve the problems that you face in daily life. We understand that spending a huge amount on cosmetics or at dry cleaning is not the preferred solution. Therefore, read the article to know how few drops of beer will provide relief to your stress nerves.

Beer is one of the fizzy beverages which almost everyone love. But have you ever thought about the ways a cool bottle of beer can be used except drinking? You might be surprised by the list that we are going to present here. Hence, read the unbelievable uses of beer.
Hence read the unbelievable uses of beer.

1) Remove Stain

Beer is actually known for its quality to easily remove tea and coffee stains from carpet and furniture. Just pour a bit of alcohol over the stain and rub gently until you feel the difference.

2) Volumnize your hair

Are thinning of hair troubling you a lot? Mix three to four tablespoons of beer with half a cup of water and pour it through your hair after shampooing. The proteins in the beer will help to heal damaged follicles and also add volume to the hair.

3) Jewelry polish

You don’t need to buy an expensive polish for your jewelry or don’t need to give it for cleaning to the jeweler. The carbonic acid in beer will does a good job of dissolving oils and removing dirt.

4) Cooking rice

Want to add extra mouthwatering flavor to your rice but not getting how to do? Here is the trick- Try using beer instead of water for cooking rice. The end result will be delicious.

5) Pedicure

Beer is also good for your feet. Mix some stale beer in a bowl of warm water and soak your feet into it.The yeast present in the beer will help to soften your heels.

6) As a Mosquito repellent

No longer mosquito will be your reason to panic. How? Putting stale beer in corner of your house helps to keep the mosquito away.

7) For cleaning taps

Won’t know how to clean tiles and washbasins before your mother in law arrive to spend a weekend? Remember to open up the bottle of beer as the carbonic acids present in beer can do wonders for making your bathroom facets nice and shiny again if they have become dull and dirty.

8) For polishing brass pot

Won’t like that faded brass pot that catches the maximum attention in your drawing room. Just wear gloves, dip a soft cloth in beer and rub smoothly on the brass pot. Let it dry and admire the shine again.

9) To fertilize plants

Not only beers help to remove stains but also aids to fertilise indoor plants, fruits and vegetables you planted in the garden.