Do's And Don'ts During Lunar Eclipse If You Are Expecting...

Do’s And Don’ts During Lunar Eclipse If You Are Expecting…

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Pregnancy is considered as the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life and a soon-to-be mom leaves no stone unturned to take care of the little embryo nourishing in her womb for the period of nine months.

As we know that we are acknowledging lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) on July 27, 2018, there are certain precautions that a pregnant woman must follow to prevent the bad effects of the lunar eclipse. No need to freak out, if you are not aware of the do’s and don’ts during the lunar eclipse. We are providing the in-detail information that will ensure the good health of the developing baby as it is believed that certain actions that a pregnant woman performs during eclipse result into child deformity.

Though you may call these precautions a myth or superstition but it is good to be safe than feeling sorry.

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• First precaution that every pregnant women must follow is to avoid looking at the Grahan.

• Pregnant ladies should restrict themselves from going outside the home during Grahan kaal as child in the womb may develope some deformities.

• Avoid using the knife or any sharp material (scissors, needle) since many Hindus believe that it may cause a child to have cleft organ.

• It is a strict no to cook any food and pregnant women should also refrain herself from consuming food as well.

• Don’t indulge yourself in any kind of work for the duration of the eclipse.

• A pregnant woman must not sleep during the eclipse.

• Don’t eat any leftover food after the Grahan period is over.


• Make sure to take bath once the eclipse is over.

• Recite mantras and strotras during Grahan kaal.

• Cover your windows from heavy curtains and close the door so that no moonlight fall inside your room.

• Many Hindus believe that a pregnant woman should place a coconut beside her to protect the child from harmful rays during the eclipse.

• Take rest and don’t do any body movements.

So, we are wrapping up the article by requesting all the pregnant women to follow these essential tips during a lunar eclipse to ensure the good health of the developing baby.