Tips to consider during rainy season

Monsoon Precautions: Tips To Stay Healthy During Rainy Season

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Not only rainy season gives you plenty of moments to enjoy like dancing in rain with your partner, the soothing smell of wet soil when water droplets fall on it, doing fun activities under watery sky and relief from the scorching heat of summer but this season is also a host of several infections that can affect your health. As taking care of your health is imperative during monsoon, we are here to make yourself aware of few do’s and don’ts that you must remember to prevent yourself from diseases. These precautions will lessen your chances to get affected by viral fever, flu, common cold, and stomach infection.

• Find a shelter as soon as possible

One of the most crucial points that should be remembered during monsoon is to stop yourself from getting drenched in rain. Though you may like to dance in the rain or walking barefoot on the terrace, you are more likely to get trapped in self-invited health problems.

• Resist your roadside food temptation

It’s tempting to eat pani-puri, chaat, vada pav during rainy weather but you are more prone to infection as street vendor hardly maintain the hygiene level which will make you fall sick.

• Have a healthy diet

Having a well-balanced diet is on the list since essential nutrients in the body help you to fight infections that you might catch because of fluctuation in climatic conditions and rainwater. Eat raw and green vegetables, fruits only after washing.

• Don’t wear tight and wet clothes

The tight and wet clothes give birth to germs that may cause skin infections. It is suggested to wear loose clothes and keep the part dry, especially, around your underarms, genital area, neck.

• Take a shower

No one likes to take shower after getting soaked in rainwater completely but it contains acid which can incline you to infections.

• Don’t touch your face

Use a napkin or dry towel instead of rubbing your eyes or touching your face from bare hands.

• Maintain cleanliness

Keep your house free from the growth of harmful bacteria and virus as water logging anywhere inside your home can act as a birthplace of mosquitoes and other infections. Cover your body while going out as muddy streets can cause infection.

• Drink hot beverages

Though the cool splash of wind along with water droplets convince you to have ice creams and packaged drinks but tea/coffee, warm soup/milk to protect yourself from cold.

These are some precautions that can protect you from the adverse effect rainy season has. Ensure to share these useful tips with your loved ones as well.