effective ways to get rid of double chin

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Double Chin…

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Fat anywhere else on the body can be cleverly hidden by loose clothes, but there’s no way to hide the double chin.

A too much weight gain results in the double chin, but it can also be due to aging, which leads to skin sagging. Some blame genetics and some blame a sedentary lifestyle that yields to obesity and lax muscle tone. Therefore, today we decide to tell you about the simple yet effective ways to get rid of double chin problem in a limited time.

1) chewing gum

Chew gum is like the best exercise for the double chin that is easy and very convenient to do. It will keep your face and chin muscles toned. The muscle that you use to chew is the muscle that comprises your double chin.

Therefore chew gum for hours and you will notice the good effect on your double chin. It is also said that chewing gum activates your digestive system and contributes to healthier teeth and gums. But keep in mind to chew sugarfree gum so you can avoid problems like tooth decaying and further weight gain.

2) Chin up and down exercise

Chin exercises are another good way to get rid of your stubborn double chin. one effective exercise is to open your mouth as wide as you can and stick your tongue out as fast as you can. Hold this posture for 10 minutes and repeat the process.

You will surely feel the immediate tightening of your chin and neck muscles.

3) Chin and neck exercise

Lift your chin and turn your head to your right. Then slide your bottom jaw forward and after which return your head back to face the ceiling. Perform this process three times and repeat for your left side.

4) Glycerin mask

Most of the anti-aging skin products contain glycerin in it as it is good to firm up the skin.

Therefore, make your own glycerin mask by mixing one tbsp of glycerin, a half tbsp of Epsom salts and several drops of peppermint oil. Apply this mixture on your chin and neck area with the help of dipped cotton ball. Let your mask dry for 10 minutes and then rinse with cool water.

It is recommended to wear a glycerin mask up to five times a week to get quick and effective results.

5) Egg whites

Just like glycerin, applying egg whites to the skin firms up the area. The protein content in Egg whites nourishes the skin and contribute to its health.

for a DIY egg mask, separate egg whites from two eggs. Whisk the egg whites well with a teaspoon of lemon juice, honey and few drops of peppermint essential oil. Apply this mixture with your fingertips on the affected area and let it dry for 30 minutes and rinse the mask off with cool water.

A daily application of the mask can rapidly decrease your double chin.

6) Melon

Melt your double chin with the help of melon. As any type of melon contains properties that tone and refresh the skin. The high water content in melons flush out the toxins in your body and aids in weight loss because it makes you feel full sooner.

Extract fresh melon juice and apply it on your face to get the better result. You can also apply apple juice with it. Leave the juice on for 20 minutes and then wash it off.