Some Dos And Donts After Sex…

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Even today, people hesitate from discussing the most significant topic- sex and several studies suggest that many couples usually suffer from many health problems due to lack of knowledge. Though it is understandable that your sex life is not a random topic that needs to be discussed with everyone, therefore, I am here at Mangal Parinay to make you aware of the things that you should carry out and avoid after intercourse as it is important to keep your vagina healthy and clean.

Following are the things that you should do and avoid after sex to keep your private parts healthy and clean and to prevent them from any sort of infections. Spare a minute to check out yourself and keep yourself at bay from unnecessary diseases.


• Wash vagina

Clean your genital parts with plain warm water. Remember to clean the skin around the private parts (not inside).

• Wash your hands

Make washing your hands an inevitable part of your post-sex routine to get rid of bacterial infections.

• Pee

To kick the Urinary tract infections miles away, it is must for a woman to urinate after having intercourse no matter whether you are feeling lazy to get up or feeling sleepy. Urinating helps a woman to pass out the bacteria from the urethra.

• Drink water

The more hydrated you are, the more you pee which means the more bacteria will release out from your body which else may contribute to infection.

• Wear loose fitted clothes

Opt for loose fitted clothes like pajamas, nighty to let air in. You may choose to ditch wearing underwear or panties before you sleep off.

• Visit doctor

In case, you experience burning, itching, irritation, pain, bleeding or a thick white discharge from the genital part (vagina or penis), have a word with your doctor.


• Don’t use wet wipes

Since the vagina is a delicate and sensitive organ, refrain yourself from cleaning it with the help of wet wipes and other products that claim to freshen up your vagina as it contains chemicals that can cause irritation and itchiness.

• Avoid harsh soaps

Using harsh soap down there after you get physical with your partner force your vagina to lose natural moisturizer that causes dryness and irritation.

• Don’t sleep wearing the same lingerie

It is essential to change your lingerie after you are done with sex as it may become the major reason for yeast infections.

• Refrain from hot tub bath

However, you want to take a shower immediately but it’s good to stop yourself from taking a hot tub bath to prevent infection.