Easy Ways To Feel Energetic Throughout The Day…

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With getting not enough time for quality sleep at night due to modern lifestyle such as completing official work, late night partying, watching television or surfing the internet; people find it difficult to stay awake throughout the day. Though you may give it a thought to consume coffee/tea cups at every hour to combat sleepiness, this habit may end up making you feel more restless.

Feeling sleepy not only makes you feel tired and irritated but affects your work performance and snatches away your interest from work. So, here are certain tips which you can implement in your routine life to keep sleep at its bay during day hours (or at the office hours) and these tips do not include the dose of caffeine at all for sure.

• Go for a morning walk

Start your day by going for a walk for 10-15 minutes. Fresh air, the gentle sun rays at dawn helps a person to stay energetic alert throughout the day.

• Take regular eye breaks

Gluing your eyes at a computer screen for a prolonged time strain your eyes and makes you feel dizzy. So, in order to relax your beautiful eyes, look away from the computer screen after 20 minutes.

• Eat healthy snacks

To give a boost to the energy levels and say goodbye to daytime sleep, feed your stomach with healthy snacks such as yogurts, nuts, fruits, vegetables, whole wheat crackers, and cheese. Consumption of outdoor foods, packaged juices, drinks, chips is a strict no.

• Walk in the office

Walking pumps up the oxygen in the brain and veins. Therefore, a short walk like going to the cafeteria for having lunch, or a taking a few steps in your building will help you to stay refresh at the office.

• Proper lighting

Open windows at your workplace to enter the sunlight to feel more alive and fresh during the day. You may also opt for bright lights as it also triggers sleep.

• Have a mild chat with your co-workers

For keeping yourself productive and energetic at work without looking sleepy, it is necessary to engage in 10-15 minutes talk with your colleagues after a few hours.

• Listen to good music

Listening to good music not only helps you to shed stress but also assist you to stay awake and energized at daytime hours. Play the music, wear headphones and enjoy your work.

• Scented aroma

The dull surrounding aims to make you feel sleepy at work. It is advised to place some essential oils or scented air purifier at your desk to rejuvenate your whole mood.

• Keep a bottle of water

Where few caffeine-containing coffee can boost your energy temporarily, sipping water after every 20-25 minutes is undoubtedly a much healthier option to opt for.