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How To Maintain A Simple Yet Effective Hair And Skin Care Regime At Home

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Being beautiful is the main concern of every bride-to-be. Although a woman always aspires to look flawless but it becomes essential when she is about to walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams on her wedding day. Needless to say, you have already started searching for a skilled makeup artist and hairstylist to bless you with a gorgeous bridal look but here are few simple skin and hair care tips which you can use at your home. To see the positive results, you need to be patient and follow this beauty care regime for at least a week with great dedication.

• Dark Patches can be a reason for your tension but calm down…use homemade remedy for it. Sugar and lemon together help in fading the dark patches. Rub the mixture of sugar granules and lemon for dark patches on your body. Follow the remedy every alternate day.

• Use the fine paste of milk and papaya pulp for having dark patches on face. Apply the mixture for good 20 minutes and rinse it off once dry.

• Hair is what causes stress in a no woman on this earth wants unwanted hair. Never use hair removal creams. Opt for waxing instead. Use can also use branded razors but don’t forget to use moisturizer and mild soap before you shave.

• It’s your wedding and we understand that you are spending sleepless nights talking sweet nothings to your partner…which means it’s obvious that you will get dark circles around your eyes. But we have the cure. To get rid of dark circles, Use cotton dipped with tea liquor for around 10 minutes twice a day.

• Undoubtedly, naturally pink lips are a most attractive feature of a woman. If you have rosy pink lips then it’s wonderful but if you have dark lips and want to lighten them, rub fresh rose petals twice a day or scrub your lips with a fine paste of honey, sugar and few drops of almond oil.

• Your hands are going to acknowledge more after you and your handsome groom for that lovely wedding ring…which indirectly means your nails are going to catch the attention of your guests. Pamper your nails by keeping the cuticles clean. Apply baby oil or petroleum jelly to lock the moisture and shine.

• Like your face and hands, your body also needs a moisturizer to remain healthy. Make sure to apply a good moisturizer on every part of the body including feet after cleaning.

• Needless to say but Never take bath in hurry, no matter how occupied you are in preparations and enjoying functions. Ditch soaps and use of body wash. Go for a paste of besan (gram flour), honey, lemon, and raw milk to bath or paste of curd, orange peel powder also works wonder to remove dead skin cells.

• For oily skin, use Multani mitti on your face twice a week. For dry skin, apply aloe vera regularly. For sensitive skin, smear fresh cucumber juice.

• A smile is your vital accessory that gets noticed easily. Brush your teeth with lemon and baking soda for a minute for white and blemish free teeth.

• Don’t you want an amazing hairstyle? Pay attention to the health of your hair. Tie your hair in a braid before you sleep off to avoid split ends. Oil your hair twice a week. Wear a scarf when you go out and wash your hair with normal or cold water.

• Apply natural conditioner made of banana and curd. Leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing off your hair. You can also apply aloe vera juice.

• Drink 8-10 glasses of water and take loads of fruits and vegetables. Concentrate on having a healthy and nutritive diet.