Things to keep in mind before having a pre-wedding photoshoot

Things To Consider For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

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“Go for a prewedding photo shoot” is a most common suggestion you might have heard of from your close friends, dear relatives, and photographer when you are about to get hitched, and all ready to take wedding vows with your significant other. It is the fascinating trend which is emerging as a tradition in India. Worth mentioning, a prewedding photoshoot gives the couple some time to spend alone and cherish together. No matter a couple is having an arranged setup or a love marriage, they need to make some memories, and blissful moments before traditional wedding ceremony which they can adore later and for this, the pre-wedding shoot is a nice idea to opt for.

All excited for a pre-wedding photo shoot with your would-be spouse. But have you ever wondered what all it needs to make your pre-wedding shoot ravishing, memorable and praiseworthy? As you are going to spend a big amount on your pre-wedding shoot, it is must that you should take note of few points prior to your pre-wedding shoot.

• Location/venue

You need to find a beautiful and beguiling place to get your photoshoot done. Discuss it before with your partner where you both want to go and inform your photographer as well. There are few locations which are not always available around the have to take permissions beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. Ask for charges. Need to mention that not every place requires money to spend. Plan wisely. Opt for 2-3 locations or the specific place where you proposed or confessed your love for others.

• Budget/Amount

When you opt for the locations that require charges, setting a budget is a priority. Don’t let your pre-wedding shoot sounds like a burden for you both. Decide the spare budget for it keeping in mind that it doesn’t create a large hole in your pocket because money demands to spend sensibly.

• Photographer

Obviously! Without a good photographer, your pre-wedding should turn out to be a tragic one. It is the most crucial aspect of the pre-wedding photo shoot. Check the skills of the photographer before you appoint him for this notable task. Make sure he has an amazing camera so that your pre-wedding photos speaks aloud and gives goosebumps whenever you look at them.

• Outfits

Plan your outfits because no one really wants to get clicked in regular clothes. Choose your dress taking location into consideration and make sure your dress compliment well with your partner’s dress and blends well with the backdrop.

• Self-grooming

How about you reach the location with shabby looks? Is it something cool? Definitely not. Your pre-wedding shoot is a once in a lifetime memory. Style your hair..take out some time to make your face look beautiful/smart. Choose accessories elegantly to capture photographs beautifully.

• Poses

Poses is what define your chemistry in the best way possible so it is advised that you prepare a list of the poses you want to incorporate in your pre-wedding photographs. Ask for the valuable suggestion from your photographer as he is an expert. Practice these poses with your would-be spouse so that you won’t run out of time thinking how to pose. With romantic, funky poses also catch the attention of everyone as they reveal your comfort level.

• Props

Needless to mention, props enhance the beauty of pre-wedding photographs. You..your partner…meaningful props…what an enthralling setting. Go for the pros (things) which defines you as a couple or the thing which brought you closer.

• Editing

You have photos captured..but some editing is always required. It is natural that your photographer will edit your photographs before getting it delivered to you but if you have some particular edits in your mind or seen your photographer.

• A backup plan

You can’t blindly believe the natural setting of it would be a good option if you have some backup plan…for everything including your clothes, location, props, date of the photo shoot, photographer.(Your partner is an exception…you can’t change him/her else you will be in trouble for sure. :p)

All the soon-to-be couples!! Go, flaunt your romance, capture the moment of your beautiful relationship and give other couples some inspiration and a sneak peek at the chemistry and a bond a lovely couple should have!!