ways to celebrate your best friend birthday

Ways To Celebrate Your Best Friend Birthday…

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Having a best friend is the real treasure of life. No matter how many people ditch you or step back when you need their support but only a best friend ensures that you can laugh out loud on tough days. She is the one who never leaves your side no matter how difficult the circumstances become and holds your hand tight to pull you out from all the vulnerabilities of life. Even though you don’t tell whether you are upset or not but a simple hello from you let her how are you feeling at the moment.

Your bestie is that person who promises to stick by you until the last breath, who accompanies you when you are surrounded by darkness and helps you to figure out how to handle the situation calmly. In short, she is the person who is your twin sister and a family who is always there to protect you, uplift you, encourage you, guide you, understand you and love you when you are hard to love.

Since it’s your best friend birthday, we are here to assist you how can you make your best friend forever feel special and worthy on the most special day of your life. So, leave all the stress and start planning to celebrate your BFF birthday with full enthusiasm.

• Give a digital surprise

Though you can’t meet your best friend due to a hectic schedule or personal reason but don’t restrict yourself from taking digital advantage. Make a video call to her and wish her a day full of love and laughter.

• Make a collage

Handmade gifts are more valuable than the readymade gifts that are easily available online or near to your doorstep. Collect all the photos of her since her childhood to school life, and college and make a beautiful collage.

• Make a video

Even if you don’t have much time to make a handmade collage; just surf your gallery, select all the pictures you have with your forever bestie, use a good app and prepare a video within few minutes. Don’t forget to show/send it to her when you finish making the video.

• Plan a surprise visit

People are always busy but it’s all about priorities. Make an effort to meet her on her birthday and nothing will come in your way to surprise. Carry her favorite chocolates, balloons, cake and celebrate the special day with her.

• Write a letter

Be creative and follow the old ritual of writing a letter to make that someone special feel blessed to have you in her life. Go the traditional way when people used to write a letter to express their emotions in the absence of phone/mobile and other gadgets that connect us with one another.

• Plan a group trip

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. So, leave no chance to make her feel worthy in your life. Planning a group trip is a must if your best friend is married as we understand you don’t meet your friend more frequently now.