Healthy midnight snacks for you

Healthy Midnight Snacks For You…

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Are you on diet and working hard to ignore the cravings for food. But what when you stayed up late at night to meet your official work guidelines and randomly feel the start of those hunger pangs and head towards your fridge reaching out for your favorite ice cream. But, wait! Is eating a high-calorie dessert at midnight is good for you? Is it a healthy habit to eat things like chips, junk food and icecreams at midnight. No, not at all… My dear.

Hence to help you out to make a healthier choice instead. We are here going to enlist some of the midnight snacking tricks for you. Though eating anything at midnight should be avoidable but you can at least make it work for you by just swapping those junkies for something nutritious.


Though according to health and diet experts, eating at night cause various health issues while some say a healthy snack before bed could be beneficial. Therefore, if you really need a snack, fruit is the best choice as these nutritious eateries packed with vitamins, minerals, and hence various health benefits. If you feel hunger pangs at night, a fresh fruit like berries, melons, and papaya are a much more nutritious alternative then any icecreams or chips and can save you from unhealthy calories intake.


Yes, popcorn at night is the perfect option one can have as a snack before bed if you crave savoury foods. It’s even better to make them at home without butter. According to research, eating popcorn is healthiest snack habits as it helps to treat diseases like cancer, fills you with fiber and contains more antioxidants than fruits and veggies.

This air-popped snack gives you your fill of daily whole grain intake. As popcorn is an all whole grain, hence it helps to keep your digestive track healthy and thus prevents constipation. It is also found that popcorn contains more iron than spinach.


Yogurt is easy to digest and known as a great source of calcium and protein and hence there is nothing wrong with yogurt. To make it tastier you can add black pepper, black salt, oregano as per your choice. You can also add sweetness into it with a bit of jaggery. Yogurt also helps you in maintaining weight as it contains iodine which is essential to keep your metabolism going.


This famous gujarati snack is an important source of energy and nutrients that you need all day long. There are various kinds of Khakhras available in the market and one of them is diet khakras which are crispy and are baked instead of fried. To curb your grumbling tummy at night, khakra is enough.


Cheese which is rich in protein and calcium might up your calorie intake a little but considered as a healthy and nutritious snack for all age group. So if you feel cravings for food then a slice of cheese is enough to keep you satiated before bed and also help to meet your daily nutrition needs. You can add a pinch of pink salt and black pepper into it as garnishing purpose to make it as tasty as it is healthy.

Whole grain digestive biscuits

Though biscuits are made with wheat flour which is not a healthy and nutritious choice. But swapping the usual and unhealthy cookies with whole grain digestive biscuits is a good choice for you. Though it may not taste as good as dark fantasy or oreo biscuits but will surely help you in the long run and hence becomes a healthy night snack for you.


A handful of cashews, almonds, and walnuts is perfect to handle the hunger pangs at night and also control your unhealthy food cravings for something delicious as chocolate and chips. So nuts are the best snack for you before bed. Nuts are rich in good fats that keep heart problems at bay as they are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and proteins which are essential for your body. Hence always keep a box with a handful of nuts in your bag or drawers to satiate those food cravings at night.