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Post-Wedding Rituals Of Assamese…

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Assam is known for its diverse wildlife and is so much more than a tourist destination with its amazing local cuisine, vibrant dance forms, warm hospitality and traditional yet beautiful wedding rituals and customs.

Hence, today we decide to make you aware of some post-wedding rituals of Assam which you probably did not know about this wonderful state.

Khel Dhamali

This is the post-wedding ritual of Assamese wedding. After accomplishing the ritual of Saat pheras or Saptapadi. The newlywed couple participates in post-wedding games known as Khel Dhamali. The close relatives or friends of the couple hide a ring in a bowl of rice for the bride and the groom to find it. It is to be said that whoever finds the ring first is believed to have the upper hand in marriage.

Maan dhora

Maan dhora ritual is performed just before the bidaai. The groom seeks blessings of every elder by touches the feet of the bride’s family and shows his gratitude towards gifting them some clothes. In return, the elders shower him with blessings in the form of gifts and cash.


Soon after the wedding ceremonies over, the bride throws handful of rice over the shoulder while bidding a tearful goodbye to pay the debt of her upbringing to her parents. After that couple moves to groom’s house to start their new journey of being married.

Ghor Ghosoka

After the bidaai ritual, the bride is welcomed to the house by her new laws with a warm heart. While entering into her new home the bride breaks an earthen lamp, with washed feet known as Saaki. She is then taken to the worship room and is offered sweet curd in order to maintain the healthy and sweet bond between her and her new family members.

Khuba Khubi

This ceremony takes place at bride’s house. Next morning, the groom arrives there to practice the ritual of khuba khubi. In this ritual, the priest narrates the legend of two goddesses, khuba and khubani, and at the end of which the couples seek blessings from the God. The couple then ready for the reception in the evening and bride finally leaves her father’s house.


On the eight day of marriage, the newlyweds visit the bride’s paternal home where relatives gather to welcome the newlywed couple. The couple is then greeted with an elaborate lunch.

These are some beautiful and striking rituals which make an Assamese wedding an elaborate and unique one. Rooted yet, amazing, Assamese wedding is a perfect illustration of how simple things can have a never-ending impact on you. Hence, go and be a part of such a wonderful customs of weddings of Assam.