out of the box ideas for monsoon wedding

Tips To Plan A Perfect Monsoon Wedding…

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Are you going to get married to your partner in the most romantic season of the year? Though monsoon weddings seem all fun and intimate but when it comes to planning all the little details of the wedding, it becomes quite stressful and inconvenient. The nightmare of little shower at the time of wedding ceremony gives you reason to regret your decision. Freak not! We, at mangalparinay.com have some amazing tips to save you from unnecessary troubles.

For all the would-be couples who have decided to get hitched during the rainy season, don’t get disheartened at all because we have got your back. we are here with some tips and precautions that will help you to host a grand monsoon wedding. All you need is to chill and incorporate these significant tips so that rain doesn’t play a spoilsport.

1) Keep an eye on the weather forecast

This is one of the important tasks before you continue with the booking and all. However, no one can predict if it’s going to rain on the memorable day of your life but keeping an eye on weather forecast can help you to plan a perfect monsoon wedding.

2) Go for waterproof venue

Who would like to complete all the wedding traditions while getting drenched? Moreover, your guest will feel uncomfortable to be a part of the wedding which lacks a backup plan. Avoid having an outdoor wedding to save yourself from embarrassment and exasperation of guests. Ask your wedding planner to arrange waterproof tents. You may also opt for a venue which has both indoor and outdoor arrangements.

3) Go for a monsoon theme

Since most of the monsoon wedding happen indoors, incorporating ‘rainy’ touch will make the wedding memorable for the years to come. Ask your wedding decor to add fountains, bright colors of the rainbow, artificial flowers, paper boats, umbrellas to brighten up the wedding venue and to make the ambiance pleasurable for guests.

4) Food menu

The right choice of food menu is a compulsion when you don’t want your guests to remember your wedding for all the wrong reasons. Though the stomach infection is common during rainy weather, decide the menu with great care. Include live counters for the variety of dishes. Kesar dudh, khulhad chai, pakode, pani-puri, jalebi, hot soups are some options that are always a hit during monsoon.

5) Power backup

The fear of getting a power cut during rainy season is quite understandable. To make your ceremony a hassle-free, have proper arrangements of power supply in case of emergency. Having lit candles in your wedding decor is a great option to see other’s face when everything goes black due to annoying power-cut.