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Tips For Hiring A Professional Wedding DJ To Make Your Guests Rock N Roll…

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Done with all the planning for having a lavish and memorable wedding? But hey wait! Have you appointed the best DJ? Unarguably, DJ has a pivotal role in any wedding celebration. Other than introducing the bride and groom to everyone, making an announcement of their first dance, letting everyone know about the cutting of cake, special performances dedicated to stars of the wedding and giving important information about the ceremonies solemnizing throughout the night, a DJ has a huge task to do. It is- to liven the mood of the guests of all age groups by playing different kinds of music skillfully. Be it ‘Ae meri johra jabee tujhe maloom nahi’..or ‘hor dass kinniya tareefan chahidi ae tenu..’, only a professional DJ knows what to play and when?

So, to make the task of hiring a perfect DJ easier for you, we are going to give you a few important tips that you need to consider to make your big day more enjoyable and entertaining.

Tips for hiring a perfect dj

• The skillful DJ artist must have the ability to read the mind of the people present at the ceremony. From classic songs to 21st-century music chartbusters, he should be able to predict what kind of music will make people dancing.

• Ensure in advance whether your DJ artist can bring a level of versatility to your wedding. Never hesitate to ask since how many years he is playing the huge role of entertaining the guests.

• To make sure you have chosen the best DJ for your wedding, never completely rely on social media testimonials and ranking. Ask for the details of the people for whom they had performed and inquire them. Be a part of their live performances to be 100 percent sure about your decision.

• Be open and transparent to discuss about their package. Sometimes, few DJ artists can be easily negotiated by looking at the add-ons they provide- setup, lightning, and other equipment.

• Have a detailed discussion about the hours they will play at the wedding. Some artists have a time limit so as to avoid the last minute disappointments, inquire beforehand.

• To stay away from last-minute technical issues, Ask them if they are comfortable to give a sound demo before the commencement of the function.

• Tell the theme of the wedding to your disco jockey so that he can shuffle or develop the music list accordingly.

• Also, a potential DJ artist should have the tendency to play the songs requested by the guests. Ask what protocols they follow to make sure guests hear their favorite tracks to storm the dance floor.