How to make your sangeet night memorable one

Simple Ways To Have A Pocket Friendly Sangeet Ceremony…

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Gone are the days when Indian wedding is just a simple traditional affair of 2-3 days with close relatives and family members. Nowadays, weddings in India are all about grandeur, glamour and an extravagant lavish affair associated with sacred event. From booking up a lavish wedding venue, lightening, decor, exquisite floor, thousands of dishes in a menu to the wedding outfits of bride and groom. Everything is taken care of!

Members of associated family spend countless days and months in just planning a ladies sangeet night a memorable night for all. And this is where we center on our focus to the special and most awaited Sangeet ceremony, which is packed with fun, music, dance performances, entertainment and lots of singing and merrymaking on behalf of two souls merging into one. Sangeet ceremony not only represents the formation of bond between two individuals but also uniting of two families as well.

Therefore today in this article we are going to tell you how you can make your Sangeet night a night to remember for all with these unique in budget sangeet ideas.

Sangeet ready venue

Having an ideal Sangeet night doesn’t require a lavish venue and hence doesn’t mean spending a bomb on it. You can simply choose a simple sangeet ready venue whether its rooftop of your house or a restaurant. You can also book a garden or park nearby your house and with the help of good decor and a professional DJ with good sound systems your sangeet venue is ready with minimal investment.

Make a good collection of Songs

Making up your own playlists helps you to avoid spending money in hiring a professional DJ. You can just make a list of your favorite songs and download your own songs and mixes which can be played under the supervision of your own ‘DJ’- a friend or a cousin who is superb with it!

Couple games

Arranging games for couples in Sangeet night not only make this ceremony a fun-filled event but also helps to make your guests engage and acts as an icebreaker between the respective sides to know each other well.

No need of hiring a choreographer

In the era of digitally equipped people, there is no need to hire any choreographer. Just put your mobile data on and watch some useful dance tutorials on youtube. By just sharing the videos with everyone you all can learn the steps according to your suitable times. Hence relying on dance tutorials videos will help you to minimal investment for the upcoming sangeet night.

DIY decor

Just to give your sangeet night a touch of your childhood. Just install those cassette installations which you can use to play in your early childhood. You can also use some centerpieces like a couple love story board or a statement installation. To add more fun to your decor you can place the photos of your childhood dancing moves. It sure would be a fun for both the families and also gives you a chance to know the personality of your new family members.

Give some little things to add fun

Whistles, party poppers, pinwheels, play cards kind of things make the sangeet night a more fun-filled night for the gathering.

Hence, to make your sangeet night a more memorable one in pocket-friendly budget just try all mentioned above things.