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Innovative Wedding Decor Ideas To Display Your Unique Love Story…

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Planning to tie nuptial knots within an arrange marriage setup or preferred love marriage? However, whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged one, every couple has a story to tell. As a wedding decor plays an inevitable part in any wedding ceremony, there are so many cute ways by which you can give a sneak peak of your unique love story to your wedding guests. Believe it! These significant ways will prove to be beneficial to portray a small fraction of your love tale without uttering a word.

So, all the much in love couples out there, incorporate these out of the box ideas/ways to include your love story in the elements displayed on the wedding day. Moreover, unveiling your love story through wedding decor will not only add a personal touch to the wedding but also make your wedding unforgettable for the guests and giving you a chance to set up a new trend.

• Make the card/book of your love story

Let your wedding invitees gush over your favorite memories that laid the foundation of love in your relationship. To let your guests know how was your journey of love, including all the smallest details like how and when you thought he/she is the one? When was the first time you hug each other?

• Displaying photographs

Delight your guests by spilling the beans on the picture perfect moments. Display pictures of your first meeting, proposal, love confession, kiss, holding hands for the first time to the trips you planned together. Let your pictures communicate your love story.

• Timeline of special milestones

Another cutest way to showcase your relationship at the wedding is creating a timeline of the moments you shared together and mean the word to you. Take a chalkboard and write down all the important dates that depict your love story.

• Make a video

Don’t have many pictures to be displayed at the wedding day? Freak not! Be the hero-heroine of your real life love story and enact all the important moments of your relationship. Not only it will keep your guests involved but also offer you a chance to relive some of the most special moments of your life again. Get ready to enact and feel how you felt during those days.

• Make a DIY wall of your love story

Go crazy and dedicate a whole wall to yourself. Show the hint of your glorious past by adding as many pictures as you can. Not only it deepens your connection when you gaze at those moments but it also aids to be an adorable backdrop idea to click some photographs together.

• Use your photos as table centerpieces

Believe it or not! Nothing can look more stunning and lovely than a cute photograph of both of you as a centerpiece. These photographs will speak the chemistry aloud to your guests when they were gossiping about how you both look as a couple.

• Funky yet descriptive cushions

Display your significant love tale to your guests by printing creative cushion covers. Add quotes, poems, or shayaris you wrote for each other during your courtship period. Important dates of valuable moments printed on the cushion will add more intimate touch to the wedding decor.

Therefore, let everyone know your love story by including these above-mentioned ideas to know how your relationship blossomed with time.