Significant Ideas To Involve Your Closest Ones In indian Wedding

Significant Ideas To Involve Your Loved Ones In Wedding…

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There are few events in life like a wedding that demands the presence of special people in your life. As wedding is one of the biggest milestones in anyone’s life, the absence of the dearest ones can make the whole celebration less significant and lamentable. Though you are excited and happy to start a new journey with your respective life partner, non-attendance of that someone special leave a void in your heart.

There are times when closed pals, besties, relatives, sibling or cousins can’t make up to your wedding and you feel disheartened. Just because they aren’t there at the wedding doesn’t constitute they can’t be a part of your wedding celebration. We, at mangal parinay, decide to suggest you some ways by which you can include your loved ones in your big day.

Remember, these small yet meaningful gestures will help them to know their worth in your life. So, get ready to enjoy your wedding to the fullest by involving your close ones who aren’t at your wedding with the help of these tricks.

• Customised brooch/ jewelry

Though the dearest ones of yours won’t be able to grace your wedding ceremony but you can include them by incorporating them in your wedding ensembles. The groom can opt to customize his cufflink or brooch while the bride can play with her jewelry pieces.

• A photo wall

Explore your creative side and make your own DIY wall by displaying moments you both spent so far. However, they can’t be here at the moment but let them know you have found the trick to feel them involved in the wedding.

• Video call

Take the digital advantage and make a video call to your best person at the most important ritual of the wedding. It is one of the easiest ways that goes a long way to let your forever person attend the wedding ceremony virtually.

• Use symbolism

Since you have spent a long time that makes you grow fond of each other, there would be probably something that represents a story/incident. Choose something that has meaning to both of you like don’t forget to wear watch if your bestie loves it or you may choose to wear earrings gifted by her as a symbolism of love.

• Gift an outfit

So what if that special person of your life can’t make his glorifying presence in your wedding, let him/her feel involved by gifting an outfit. No matter he/she is not a part of your wedding but he/she can wear that gifted dress to feel that way.

• Invite them before wedding

Ask your closest ones to help you get ready before the wedding even if he/she can’t make up to the wedding.