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Unique Yet Scrumptious Fruit Recipes To Chill In Summer…

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Brides have one major task to accomplish in a new home. What is it? To win everyone’s heart. And there is no denying the fact that food proves to be the ultimate best friend that helps a bride to ace everyone’s heart in less time. The task is even more complicated for a summer bride as she can’t feed her new family members with paneer pakoras, samosas, and kachoris. So, what’s an alternative? Fruits.

Since you are struggling to find ways how to cool off on a hot summer day? Worry not, Team Mangal Parinay is here to provide you some unique yet scrumptious fruits recipes that will help you to spend a blazing summer time with ease.

• Creamy strawberries

Chill your summer evening by preparing a quick treat all by adding frozen berries and pouring some flavored cream on the top. Put the bowl in the fridge for half an hour and enjoy the sweetness and creaminess together.

• Berries and yogurt

It’s an art to prepare a delicious meal by mixing the different ingredients together. So, if you don’t want to go for cream, add honey flavored yogurt to berries and soothe everyone’s taste buds.

• Mixed fruit kabobs

Only heard about paneer kabobs but it can end up making you feel heavy in hot summers. Another option? Try mixed fruit kabobs and pat your back for opting for a healthier choice. Cut 2-3 types of fruits and add them onto skewers, refrigerate and enjoy the cool kabobs treat with in-laws.

• Kiwi sticks

Do you want to throw a healthy fruit treat for your new family members on a weekend but in a unique way? Cut kiwi into slices, add them to sticks, let them cool and enjoy along poolside while savoring kiwis.

• Strawberries cubes

How to make? Just blend strawberry pieces and yogurt together and add sugar to taste. Then pour the strawberry and yogurt mixture into an ice tray and freeze. Pop them out after an hour and enjoy.

• Fruits pancake

Who wants to heat up in the kitchen when there is a healthier alternative to add fruits to your diet. Take small bowls, add a layer of sweetened yogurt on the base, top it up with sliced fruits and granola (to make it crunchier), freeze and your fruits pancakes are ready.

• Fruits shake

On a hot summer day, nothing helps you to cool other than a chilled drink. Instead of pouring carbonated drinks, prepare fruit shake (mango, orange, pomegranate) and cool down your stomach.

• Fruits chaat

Enjoy a mouthwatering fruit chaat along with your friends or family on a scorching summer. Sprinkle black salt and black pepper on a bowl full of varieties of fruits and your fruits chaat is ready to serve.