Monsoon skin care tips

Monsoon Skin Care Tips For Radiant Glow…

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Looking flawlessly beautiful on the wedding day is a huge deal for brides but It is comparatively difficult for monsoon brides to ace the royal princess look due to humidity present in the air. In order to help all the soon-to-be monsoon brides to tie nuptial knots in the most romantic season of the year, we have compiled a list of few do’s that will ensure you flaunt the best radiant skin without worrying about the rainy weather.


• In monsoon, the skin looks oily due to moisture and humidity content in the air. So, Make it habit to wash your face three-four times a way to keep the oil secretion at its bay.

• Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of dead skin cells, acne and pimple breakouts. Use a gentle scrub two times a week that suits your skin as you won’t want to take a risk with your bridal beauty prior to the wedding day.

• Although pre-wedding anxiety can make you eat anything that you find at kitchen shelf and refrigerator, we recommend you to have a protein-rich diet like nuts, green leafy vegetables, low-fat dairy products and salmon.

• To pamper your skin and avoid any skin related problems, get your facials done by professionals.

• Eating chaats, pakoras, vada pav and other edibles at roadside vendors during rainy weather is an unhygienic choice and can cause stomach infection. So, feed your stomach with homemade food.

• Understand your temptation to hook all eyes on you, applying a thick coat of makeup should strictly be avoided in the rainy weather.

• Avoid getting wet in the rain as it may cause fungal infection. Take bath to keep your skin clean after getting drenched. Wear dry and loose fitted clothes.

• Squeaky clean your face from makeup before you retire to bed to catch a good night sleep.

• Monsoon season makes your hair frizzy and unmanageable, go for a mild shampoo with a good quality conditioner to clean your scalp from dandruff, dirt, and infections. A good hair spa by a skilled professionalist will help you to have healthy hair.

• Wear full sleeves clothes, full-length trousers, and socks to protect yourself from a mosquito bite as rainy weather gives a perfect climate to give birth to harmful bacteria.

• Drink plenty of water and other fluids such as coconut water, lime juice, fresh fruit juice, and buttermilk to stay hydrated and rejuvenate your skin from within.

Don’t forget to implement these tips while getting ready for walking down the aisle with your princess charming in the most romantic weather consisting cold breeze, water droplets, and the soothing smell of wet sand.