tips to improve marital happiness

Tips To Improve Your Marital Happiness…

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Undoubtedly, how to share household chores is the main reason of conflict between modern day couples. If you would conduct a survey on wives asking what gives them more stress in fast-paced life, they will definitely respond by saying-lack of husband’s involvement in household chores.

In the age of dual income household where both the partners work, females end up doing more of the household chores that make them feel unhappy and unsatisfied in marriage. To maintain a happy and stable marriage, both the partner needs to share the responsibility equally for running the house. So, to help all the married couples out there, team mangal parinay has decided to share some worthy tips by which you can improve marital happiness.

• Discussion is the key

Sit and discuss with your partner how the responsibility of doing household chores should be divided among both of you. Like some people like cooking while some are good at cleaning, make the list of the tasks you will like to do and ask your partner what can do they with interest. Remember, sharing responsibilities eliminates half of the problems from married life.

• Compromise

There would be some chores which your partner hates the most while there might be few which you like to avoid doing. Instead of fighting over and inviting unnecessary misunderstandings, it will better to prepare an another list title “chores which you hate the most.”

• Divide chores according to time

Don’t compel your partner to do things forcefully as it will end up making them your opponent and please note successful marriage requires both the partner on same team. Ask your partner if they would like to do morning chores or prefer night household tasks.

• Make plans in the weekend

It is vital to discuss how your coming week is going to be like with your partner. May be they can’t share enough responsibilities the coming week due to work pressure at office or they have some other important things to do. Be compassionate. Instead of arguing with your partner ‘it’s your task’, make little changes and plan ahead how will you accomplish the task.

• Re-examine

Fulfilling responsibilities is not as easy as sharing them between both of you. Check whether you both have stick to your promise or not. If there is something you failed to do, re examine your plan and look out for new ways to accomplish it.

• Take outside help

Don’t increase your stress hormones if you both can’t be able to complete your allocated household chores. Be flexible to take outside help. It is an ideal choice to appoint someone to help and spend few pennies rather than fighting each day as that will only end up making things ugly between both of you.