Things a man does when he is in love

Things A Men Do When He Is In Love…

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Well, it’s true life will not be the same after marriage but it’s going to be more beautiful than before. Because marriage doesn’t bind you. In fact, it’s a freedom of living with the person you love the most. Love is a quintessential emotion and hence cannot be expressed in words. With time your relationship gets stronger and that happiness, mutual understanding, love and care you get with each other can’t be found anywhere. Marriage should not be 50-50 participation but it has been 100-100. Hence today in this article we are going to enlist a few things a man tends to do when he is in love.


A perfect man never hurts a woman for any reason. He respects and loves his girl the way she is. He understands well that a relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends where with love she also deserves his respect as love and respect will make any relationship better.

Source of motivation

The perfect sign to know whether your husband or your partner truly in love with you is that he becomes your biggest source of motivation. Whenever you feel distressed, he should be there to cheer you up and motivates you to stand up and fight back with more power.

He steps for you

When he finds his woman is stuck somewhere and unable to make a decision, he himself steps up and guides her in how to face that situation with courage.

Protects you

He protects you from every situation. No matter how big the problem is, protecting you is his first priority. Being protective doesn’t mean he is possessive over you but it’s also the way of showing his love toward you.

Cares about your opinion

If a man is a head over heels in love with his partner then he always values your opinions. He doesn’t only gives you command but also take your advice from time to time as marriage is like a wheel of a vehicle where you two have to participate together to run your life smoothly.

Listens to you

He carefully listens to what you say and gives values to all the minor details. Whenever you speak anything, he stops and listens to what you have to say. He even likes your silly talks and listens to them with full attention.

Remembers every tiny detail about you

He never forgets things about you. What your favorite color, favorite chocolate is and even the types of books you are into. He gives proper attention to your minute details.

Goes out of his way to be with you

When a man acts like stupid around you and goes out of his way to be with you. Then you don’t need to feel insecure. be trustful that he is madly in love with you and you should appreciate that.