ways to cure lower back pain

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

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The problem of lower back pain taking the majority of the population under its influence. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, traveling, vigorous workout sessions, incorrect body posture and long working hours at the office and other reasons, the lower back pain emerges out to be a non-avoidable problem for all age people, especially, for adults and elders. But before you opt for medications to heal the pain, we are going to enlist some home remedies to treat your lower back pain.

• Improve your posture

To get relief from a backache, maintain a good posture so that your back doesn’t get stressed because of improper sitting. Sit straight to ensure all the bones in your spines are perfectly lined up. While working on computer skin or using your phone, don’t lean forward as it may worsen the condition.

• Sleep on floor

Doctors suggest that sleeping on the floor for few days while putting a pillow beneath your feet will help you to ease back pain.

• Stretch

As our daily schedule forces us to sit for prolonged hours, standing after half an hour and stretching backward can heal your pain. Exercising for 20 minutes a day or practicing yoga posture to reduce the pain can also be counted.

• Keep moving

Although you are having severe back pain, rest for a few hours or 2-3 days is more than enough. When you encounter less pain, do the daily chores like making your bed or walking as laying on the bed for most of the time stiffen your muscles which can be harmful in future.

• Engage your mind

In order to get relief from back pain, try to engage your brain by doing the activities you like. Doing so will help your brain to get less or no pain signals and enhance your mood.

• Cold and hot therapy

If the cause of back pain is an injury, immediately apply a cold ice pack to reduce inflammation and swelling for several times. Frozen pea bags or cold fruits bag can also be used as a cold ice pack to get relief. To improve blood flow and experience warmth, switch to a heating pad, hot water bottle etc after 48 hours.

• Massage

Massaging your back is also an effective home remedy that can help you to feel better. Not only massage helps in reducing stiffness and relaxes muscles but also aids to improve blood circulation and back function.

Important Note: In case, you don’t find these simple remedies helpful, pay a visit to doctor to ease your back pain.