Never Carry These Things While On Honeymoon

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After days of wedding festivities, it’s time for newlywed couples to head to an exotic destination for honeymoon. Undoubtedly, Honeymoon is a memorable phase of a couple’s life where they get to spend quality time alone without any stress but no wonder how much a couple pays attention to smallest detail for a smooth experience, they tend to make mistakes by over packing.

Remember when it comes to smart honeymoon packaging, knowing what should be left behind at home is equally important to what to bring along with you. Carrying unnecessary items on honeymoon can make your romantic vacation a battle where you both might end up struggling with managing baggage instead of enjoying time together.

As you have already started filling your suitcase with all the necessary items, have a look at the article to know the things that you must not take on your first romantic gateway.

Things not to bring on your honeymoon:

• Your laptop

Leave your wonderful companion, laptop at home as the honeymoon is not an ideal place to finish all the work commitments that are pending due to a wedding celebration. Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities where you don’t get enough time to spend with your spouse. So, instead of gluing your eyes to the laptop screen, have an unforgettable facetime with your soulmate. Focus more on starting a happy married life rather than checking your emails.

• Work

There are other ways by which you can stay in touch with your work. Cut off all the gadgets like mobile and tablets as a long conference call with your boss and office delegates can spoil your partner’s mood to the extreme. Don’t put any important file in your suitcase by distracting your partner. Keep it in mind, the honeymoon is time for strengthening bond not business.

• Valuable stuff

Which couple wants to spoil their vacation by carrying valuable things on honeymoon? Carrying expensive and valuable watches, gold and diamond rings, fancy gadgets will only add extra stress. Don’t tarnish the perfect opportunity to build some romantic moments for all those valuable stuff that are not needed to make your honeymoon pleasurable.

• Extra clothes

However, you want to look your best on the honeymoon but that does not imply you pack the entire cupboard in your suitcase. Don’t overpack by throwing all the favorite outfit in your bag. Check the weather conditions and do carry comfortable and versatile clothes that can be worn by mix matching other dresses.

• Extra footwear and accessories

Pack the pair of minimum footwear and accessories that can be matched up with your maximum outfits. Carrying different footwear and accessories will not only consume more space in your bag but also add an extra burden on you and who wants to rest the whole day in honeymoon suite as you are tired by carrying your luggage from one place to another.

• Makeup box

Though makeup enhances your looks but packing all the makeup things can end up occupying a big space in your luggage. Try to pack minimum things as much as possible as you are not going to attend a wedding but heading to introduce the real and beautiful you to your spouse.

• Unnecessary toiletries

It is acceptable that you use to like a certain brand to wash your hair or brush your teeth but these items can be found anywhere. Instead of packing the entire bathroom, make or buy mini packs that are easy to handle and carry.