Wedding Jewelry Gift Ideas For Bride-To-Be

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Jewelry which is an indispensable part of an Indian wedding not only completes a bride’s wedding trousseau but also adds a sparkle to the whole aura of the bride. It is indeed the first love of all the women since ages. However, a woman has the entire wardrobe dedicated to keeping varieties of jewelry, she just can’t resist herself from buying more and more.

Jewelry tops the list of perfect gifts as it is timeless, classy and a great to mark a special occasion. If you are giving a thought to give some exquisite jewelry item to your close friend, sibling or relative on her wedding, then I, at mangal parinay fully supports your decision. In case, you are confused by flipping through various jewelry magazines and inspiration boards on Pinterest that are filled with countless jewelry designs and advice, go through the article to know which gorgeous ornaments should be given as a memorable gift.

• Toe rings

Needless to say, toe rings have a cultural significance and depicts the marital status of the women. It is believed that wearing toe rings increases the chance of fertility in a woman by keeping her uterus healthy. Not only this but wearing ‘bichwae’ (toe rings) absorbs all the positive energy from the earth while walking and rejuvenates the whole system. So, toe rings contribute to the best gift for a soon-to-be and newly married woman.

• Anklets

In Indian culture, beautiful anklets are an integral part of women’s adornment second to toe rings which makes them an ideal wedding gift. It is a belief that wearing anklets of silver metal vibrates the energy back to the body. Moreover, it also seems like a wonderful fashion statement.

• Ring

Needless to say, a small piece of ornament adorned on hands can glam up the whole persona of a woman. Available in various designs, patterns, and metals, the ring is surely a perfect wedding gift to be given to your closed one. Make the ceremony even more special for your dear pal by presenting stunning gold/diamond ring as a token of your love.

• Earrings

Does your friend change earrings more than the outfits in a day? If you know that your best friend, sibling or dear relative is a fond of wearing earrings, then consider giving a pair of dazzling earrings at her wedding. From gold, diamond to artificial, buy the one that suits your budget and look unimaginably beautiful.

• Necklace

Studded with precious stones, necklace claims to be a brilliant wedding gift. Today, women are going the minimalist way and opting for lightweight and modern designs neckpieces instead of heavy and traditional designs. Know the choice of the receiver before you invest a huge amount of money and end up disappointed if she doesn’t like it.

• Bracelets

In a hectic world, a woman doesn’t have enough time to change the accessories matching to every outfit. So, it is advised that gift your someone special a multicolor bracelet either in gold or artificial that will match with her maximum outfits.