How to look ravishing on your travel trip

Style Guide To Look Ravishing On Your Travel Trip

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Traveling with your partner is fun and a medium to create lovely memories unless you carry 2-3 heavy suitcases overflowing with beauty products, footwear, outfits, accessories, gadgets, and other essentials you think is necessary to look beautiful. No, we are not saying that you need to compromise the way you look while you travel but there are some travel tips that will assist you to look the best without being at the comfort of your home.

For all the couples out there, whether you are planning a weekend gateway or fortnight trip, keep the important tips in your mind to look ravishing and charming.

• When you are a hardcore Instagrammer, you need to look your best. Stock up the sunscreen lotions, suntan cream, and moisturizer to protect your skin and give some best shots in a new city. A good beauty product also helps you to survive the harsh weather with much ease.

• Carry a multi-purpose product like vaseline while traveling. Not only it tames your flyaway hair, protects lips and adds volume to eyelashes but also soothes burns, cuts and moisturize the skin.

• To look your absolute best, Refrain touching your face with hands. One can’t see it with naked eyes but dirt and pollutants make our hand filthy and touching them on the face may give rise to acne, pimples, and spots. Prefer using hand sanitizer during the journey so that you don’t need to search for water every time.

• The moment you decide to travel needs maximum attention to your skin. To look flawless and refreshing in all of your pics, start taking care of your skin by drinking more water, eating healthy food, getting plenty of sleep and switching to effective beauty products.

• While you are traveling, your hair tends to fall on your face with wind ruining your overall look. In addition, rain and sweat make the situation worse for you. Include bobby pins, rubber bands, hairband and other hair ties. Choose the simple hairdo to spend less time worrying about tangles falling on your face.

• Packing the whole wardrobe while traveling is the most common mistake most women make. Remember, no one pays attention to how many outfits you wore but how you carried them is what go noticed. Make your style statement by pairing them majestically by mix-match.

• Let the beautiful background spill the magic to the photographs. Choose the sites with amazing backdrops and try simple poses. Skip wearing loud clothes and heavy jewelry as it will spoil your overall natural beauty.

• Remember, you’re traveling to explore the places you haven’t been before, not the world to see you. There is no point to stress about what you are wearing and how are you looking. Just, stay confident and let pictures capture the beautiful and confident version of you.

• Never escape H2O as water is an indispensable part of your beauty care regime. Drink water as much as you can to avoid dehydration and retain that healthy glowing skin when you are on a memorable vacation with your spouse.