worship lord Shiva to blessed with beautiful spouse

Worship Lord Shiva To Get An Ideal Life Partner…

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Called by the names of Shankar, Mahadev, Bholenath, Lord Shiva is known to be the Hindu God who is considered to have a soft heart and fulfills the wishes of his devotees. Getting a caring and understanding partner is a life’s greatest blessing for everyone and it is said that having someone who sails with you in every up and down of life giving you strength is not less than a miracle. So, to get an ideal life partner one should worship Lord Shiva.

As It is the month of Shrawan, the month which is entirely dedicated to Lord Shiva to seek his divine blessings, prosperity, and good fortune in life, all the women who are facing difficulties in marriage should start worshipping Lord Shiva from Monday since Monday is believed to be an auspicious and favorable day which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. One should observe fast for 16 Mondays in a row (solah similar). Bholenath who has a pure heart easily gets pleased with the prayers and offerings of his devotees than other Hindu deities. No matter if you are not able to worship in a traditional manner performing all the rituals, Lord Shankar gets pleased seeing your efforts and devotion towards him.

Fast of 16 Mondays are advised to a girl who wishes to get a perfect husband like Lord Shiva. The fast of solah somwar is also observed by newlyweds or married women for the longevity and prosperity of their husband as Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati bless the couple with happy married life. If you are a newly married woman, worship Lord Shiva and pray for the long life of your spouse.

A girl who desires to get a good husband should worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the whole month of Shrawan and must offer shringaar to Mata Parvati.

For all the couples who are childless must offer wheat grain to shivling but if you wish to have a son, offer milk to shivling. And it should be remembered that a woman should not touch shivlingam.

For financial security in your married life, offer soaked rice to shivling.

If you or your husband is suffering from prolonged illness, visit the temple every day especially on Mondays of shrawan month and pour sugarcane juice or kusha jal on shivling.

Last but not the least, to cherish harmony and happiness in marital life, a couple should offer Kangna seeds (millets) to Shiva lingam.

We wish all the woman who is of marriageable age to be blessed with a loving and caring husband by God’s grace and we desire that all the newlywed couples have a happy married life filled with good financial stability, health, and harmony.