things you should offer to please lord Shiva

This Shivratri Offer These Things To Please Lord Shiva…

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Shravan or Sawan Shivratri falls on Chaturthi thithi of Krishna Paksha of Shravan month every year. This year, Sawan Shivratri is observed on August 9, 2018, i.e., today. Since this day is considered as the most auspicious day for all the devotees of Lord Shiva. So, we are going to tell you what should you offer to Lord Shiva while doing Rudra-Abhishek to please him and seek his divine blessings.

Things that should be offered to Shivling while performing the sacred ritual of Rudra-Abhishek :

• Milk

It is believed that when milk is offered to shivling, the positive energy starts to flow strengthening mind, body and inner consciousness of the person. So, one must offer milk to shivling. Also, if you wish to have a son, do pour milk on shivling.

• Curd

One should pour curd on shivling to gain blessings for children

• Honey

Another ingredient that is loved by Lord Bhole Nath is honey which blesses us with a melodious voice.

• Ghee

Offer ghee to shivling to attain Moksha after death.

• Bilva leaf

Known as belpatra, bilva leaf should also be offered to shivling as it is said that Mata Parvati resides on bilva leaf in various form and that’s a reason Lord Shiva is fond of belpatra.

•Sandalwood paste

To keep the Shivling cool, smear sandalwood paste on the lingam.

• Dhatura

When you are done with Abhishekam, dhatura should be offered to please Lord Shiva.

• Bhaang

Undoubtedly, bhaang is the most favorite item of Lord Shiva that should not be forgotten to offer. According to the beliefs, lord shiva consumes bhaang so that the world gets protected from his anger.

• Soaked Rice

The devotees of Lord Shiva should offer shivling soaked rice to free themselves from debt and to improve the financial condition.

• Vibhuti (Bhasam)

Bhasam or holy ash is very dear to Lord Shiva and should be offered for the destruction of sins. It also signifies that life on earth is temporary.

• Kusha water

To make yourself free from diseases, you may opt to do Abhishek with kusha water.

• Sugarcane juice

In order to attain good health and for the removal of enmity, bring sugarcane juice to offer to shivling.

• Coconut water

To experience pleasure and satisfaction in life.

• Ganga Jal

The abhishekam with Ganga Jal helps to lead a peaceful life.

• Sesame seeds (Til)

One must offer sesame seeds to shivling to get rid of the prolonged illness.

• Panchamrit

The mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey, and jaggery blesses a person with wealth.

• Akanda flowers

The blue color of akanda flowers represents the blue throat of Lord Shiva. So, opt to offer akanda flowers while worshipping him.