Banana leaf

Why The Banana Leaf Is Use For Serving Food In South Indian Weddings?

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India has a rich cultural heritage and constitutes different customs and traditions that vary in accordance with specific region or stage. One such unique tradition that is widely seen in vibrant India is serving food on Banana leaf which dated back thousands of years. Though Banana leaf is used in decoration, cooking, packaging the food; it is also used for serving the food in weddings, functions and at different occasions in south India, especially in Kerala. The guests have served on the top part of the leaf while family members served on the lower part of the leaf. In spite of the fact it is not easily digested if taken as it is, has several benefits. Read out the benefits why the banana leaf is used for serving food. 

• Banana leaves have EGCG ( the same compound found in tea and grapes). It has polyphenolic molecule making them anti-oxidant, anti-fungal that prevent diseases like cancer and fight free radical.

• It has an anti-bacterial property which kills germs in the food reducing the chance of falling sick and making it nutritious.

• The banana leaf contains chlorophyll which prevents Intestinal ulcer and skin ailments.

• Food served on banana leaf tastes more flavourful. It has a wax coating and when hot food is served on a banana leaf, the wax melts giving food the aromatic-rich flavour.

• Banana leaf is thick and not perforated (having no hole) so that the food doesn’t litter.

• Banana leaves are easily decomposed and degraded unlike metals (plastic, steel) making it eco-friendly. 

• It is hygienic and can be easily cleaned without using any soaps. Just sprinkle water on banana leaves before serving to clean and get rid of impurities that might be sticking to them.

• Banana leaves are big and easily available in the southern state. Therefore, the large number of dishes can be served in on only one leaf. If we use plastic utensils, it will harm the environment in a big way.

• Wax coating present on banana leaves makes them waterproof. The curries, soups, gravies, vegetables don’t become soggy as south Indian foods are mostly liquid. The ghee doesn’t stick to the banana leaves leaving the food as flavourful as it was during cooking.

Indian weddings have thousands of guests. Banana leaves make serving easy as many items can be served easily one time that requires less round of serving.

• Serving food on banana leaf is part of our tradition and there is no harm to follow the tradition as it is if it’s not screwing up our environment and blessing us with health benefits.