Guru Purnima: A Day To Commence Our Gurus

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Truth is we all need someone that can help us to enlighten the path and guide us to become a good human being and it can not be possible without a ‘Guru’ or a mentor. Nothing can protect us from the unwanted life miseries without the proper guidance of our well-wisher who holds our hand and lead us to light from darkness.

According to Hindu calendar, the auspicious day of Guru Purnima is observed on the full moon day in the month of Ashadh every year that usually falls in July month. In the year 2018, Guru Purnima is going to be celebrated on 27 July. It is believed that Lord Shiva become the first gurus of Hindu on this fortunate day. Some Hindu celebrate it in the honor of Guru Vyasa. Usually, this day is celebrated to mark the importance of gurus (teachers) in our life whether they are spiritual one or academic.

The word ‘Guru’ is the combination of ‘Gu’ that defines darkness and ‘Ru’ which indicates the removal of darkness. Hence, it is believed that it a Guru (mentor or teacher) that lights our path of life by removing darkness from it.

How people celebrate Guru Purnima:

Many people make a visit to meet their Gurus to express gratitude, love, and warmth.

There are also a majority of people who observe fast for the whole day for the long life of their spiritual Gurus. By doing this, they wish that they get the regular guidance of their Guru throughout the life.

Many folks give gifts to their Gurus to let them that their presence is a vital essence of life.

Thousands of devotees start their day by worshipping their Gurus or teachers and offering them fruits, sweets, dry fruits, flowers and other thoughtful gifts.

It is seen that many people worship Brahaspati devta, Satyanarayan devta and read vrat Katha.

The history behind Guru Purnima:

According to ancient beliefs, it is considered that the holy book ‘Mahabharat’ was written by Ved Vyas on the Guru Purnima. And from that day, many God worshipped him and started celebrating this day as Vyas Purnima.

What to do:

Take bath, Worship your Guru, seek their blessings and pay respect to your teachers, mentors, parents, elders and the one whom you consider your ideal. Express your warm gratitude and thank them to enlighten your path at every big or small step. Happy Guru Purnima..!!