Do’s And Dont’s During Chandra Grahan…

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Indians are going to observe ‘lunar eclipse’ on Friday night. The Grahan Kaal will start at late hours of 27th July 2018 and will last up to the early hours of 28th July 2018. The total time duration of Grahan Kaal is “1 hour 43 minutes” and there are few do’s and dont’s that everyone needs to follow to protect themselves the ill effects of ‘Chandra Grahan’. The Chandra Grahan is observed when the shadow of earth falls on the moon and it is called as ‘blood Moon’.

• Restrict yourself from travelling during a lunar eclipse.

• Refrain yourself from urinating/stool during the time period of Chandra Grahan.

• Avoid consuming food during the period of ‘1 hour and 43 minutes’ as it is believed that having food/water in the eclipse affects adversely on the body.

• According to the beliefs, one must not commence any important deal with in the time period of eclipse.

• Don’t fall asleep during the Chandra Grahan.

• Pregnant women must stay indoors and should not do any activities like sewing, cooking, cutting, eating and sleeping to prevent the ill effects of the eclipse on the developing baby. They should recite santana Gopal mantra during the eclipse.

• Light diya and do pooja, recite mantras, Chalisa or read any holy book for good health, happiness and well-beingElse do maha-mrityuanjaya mantra jap for maximum times.

• Giving donation is also considered as a good deal. So, donate as per your budget. It can be Bhu-Daan (a piece of land), Gau-Daan (donating cow) or Dhany-Daan ( giving wheat, rice, flour to the needy).

• Abstain yourself from taking bath during the lunar eclipse.

• Take bath by wearing clothes when the Grahan Kaal ends and donate these clothes to poor people.

• To maintain the purity of food, add tulsi leaves in the edibles.

• Close the mandir where you perform pooja. Clean the mandir after eclipse period.

• Have freshly cooked food after a lunar eclipse.

• please stop yourself from tightening hair/saree clips.

• It is advisable to visit the holy Ganga during Grahan Kaal and offer water to the deceased souls (pitra).

• Observe fast before and during the Grahan Kaal for 9 hours.

• Close the doors and cover your room windows with curtains so that no harmful rays come inside.

So, all the citizens of India, it’s a humble request to remember the above mentioned do’s and don’ts to protect yourself from the evil effects of ‘Chandra Grahan’. May you all always stay healthy and happy.