ways to grow hair faster

Tips To Improve Your Hair Health To Make Them Grow Faster…

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If there is one thing that every girl wishes could happen is the power to get long lengthy and shinier hair. Hence to help you out we here enlisted some of the easy ways to improve the health of your hair and make them grow faster.

So have a quick glance at the below-mentioned points:

1) Eat a diet rich in nutrients. Your diet is something that you should keep an eye on it if you are thinking about making your hair more healthy. The healthier you eat more hair growth you found. So, you just need to consume sufficient levels of iron, zinc, protein and vitamin B.

2) Add Spirulina to your diet as it is a superfood which is rich in protein and contains chlorophyll which helps your hair to grow faster.

3) Keep yourself hydrated. Drink more and more water. The more hydrated hair the more happier hair.

4) Avoid Clogged follicles by giving your hair a day or two rest fom overloading the root area with things like hairspray and dry shampoo.

5) Exfoliate your scalp well. Use a good quality shampoo once in a week to thoroughly cleanse your hair and remove excess sebum from your follicles.

6) Regular massage

Massage stimulates the blood circulation, and hence increase the activity of tiny blood vessels that feed your hair follicles resulting in faster hair growth.

7) Loose bands

Don’t tie your hair too tight as hair follicles need some room to breathe.

8) Ditch your regular cotton pillow

Stop using your regular cotton pillowcase and switch them with a silk or satin fabric, as it has a softer surface that won’t cause friction and so hair fall.

9) Avoid Styling products

Give your hair a break and stop using hot tools on them, as they cause a lot of damage to your hair. The healthier your hair is, the longer it will grow.

10) Trim your hair regularly

To get long hair the must-try treatment is trimming. Split ends and damaged hair stops the growth of your hair. Hence trim your hair every 3 months as regular trimming your hair ensures that the hair is healthy from roots to the end.